December 10, 2018


Rivadavia, Argentina


Elder Perez

Ayuno de 6 meses (My six month fast)

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Date: Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 9:16 AM
Subject: Ayuno de 6 meses (My six month fast)
Guess what everyone!!! After 6 months without a camera(thieves are dumb) I finally got a new camera!! Wooohoooo, it feels good to be able to take pictures when funny things happen ahhh. But yeah so I guess when those funny things happen, Ill send yall some good pictures ;) 
This week was pretty fun, yesterday Boca and River the biggest rival teams in the country, faced off in a championship of something or other, so everyone was going crazy in the streets. It was so funny cause we were in the streets and we knew every time there was a goal cause everyone and I mean EVERYONE was yelling all around us. We couldnt see anyone, but we knew they were all there, and then when the game ended things started getting a little dangerous, so we scooted out of there pretty quick. 
Also got to catch up with Elder Fenn and Elder Burk this week cause, lo and behold, who would have guessed were in a choir together........again......hahahahaha
Love you lovely people, just remember the gospel is true, if you havent seen the church´s videos on christmas yet you can always find them if you look up light the world 2018, theyre fantastic. Make sure youre all prepared for the last days people, its coming soon (Alma 9:26-28--One of my favorite scriptures) Be sure to read the Book of mormon, if you dont have one talk to my and Be sure to go to church and get baptized. If youre already baptized go back and get re-baptized! (the sacrament) I really know that the sacrament is so important, Imagine if yall took a shower one time in your life and never showered again....Thats gross. Now imagine you got washed of your sins one time in your life and you never did it again...also gross. People, we need to get baptized frequently because we are awful sinners hahaha. I love you guys, have a good week, Ill have some better pictures next week I promise!
Your favorite elder in Argentina Buenos Aires West ;)Elder Affleck  
-Sent from my iPhone1 My companion has a lovely smile :)2 My face when they told me I was staying in Rivadavia for 6 months3 My girlfriend, Mia,  but I think we´ll have to break up after new years, long distance relationships never work out4 Put Christ in the center of your life this Christmas #santaisntreal #jesusis5 The boy is starting to grow facial hair finally, can you tell? ;)6 Our Christmas tree´s better than your christmas tree. Pics or it didnt happen


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