July 23, 2018


Moron, Argentina


Elder Lamadrid


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23 July



Hi Family and Friends,


This week was very
interesting.  Do you remember how I just received Elder Leva as my
companion?  Well, that changed.  Elder Leva and I had five sweet,
amazing days together and we were ripping apart the area.  It was
amazing!  We were finding really good people and then out of nowhere, we
got a call at 12:30 midday, they called us and said "well Elders, there is
an announcement.  There is going to be a flash (that's when they change
elders in the middle of a transfer).  Elder Leva is going to an area nearby
and you are going to receive Forso as a companion."  Oh my
goodness!  I hope there's someone out there that understands my situation,
because I'm in an area that is brand-new to me.  I worked it for about
four to five days with my companion before and now I'm here as district leader
and they put me with a brand-new missionary that has five days in the
mission.  I feel like everything is on my shoulders and it's really


 Actually, we're doing
great.  My new companion is named Elder Lamadrid.  He's super
capo!  He's from Columbia and not the part where everyone drugs up, but
the part called Botenkia.  It's super, super lindo and has a lot of
beaches.  It's supposedly very cool. (Laughter!) ( He thinks my recording
is dumb.)  He understands English pretty well and he thinks my recording
is dumb.  (More laughter!) 


 My poor companion. 
Yesterday, he arrived here at 3:00 p.m. and we had the rest of the day to
work.  It's really hard to find your way around here, because I don't know
where anything is and we keep getting lost.  Today, we had church and we
almost arrived late, because I kind of got lost...  Also,  I had to
give a talk as well and we both had to present ourselves to the ward. 
They were so surprised that they switched out the missionaries, because I
hadn't even been to church before in this area.  Oh well.  Today,
after church, we were going to one of our investigator's houses and first we
saw two dogs nearly kill each other and then we were just walking and this
motorcycle pulls up and they pull out a gun and they were like...blah,blah,blah
in Spanish.  My companion didn't understand anything.  I pulled out a
cell phone and it was a little piece of trash that nobody would want.  The
kid, however, takes it.  Who would ever want it?  Then he takes the
coat off of my companion.  I feel so bad for my comp, because where he's
from is really hot and it's really cold here right now and they took his coat!
He's already suffering with the cold and then they took his coat.  Are you
kidding me?  That was all they took though.  They didn't take
anything from me, because ever since I got robbed I have been carrying a super
ugly piece of trash backpack.  


That has been our week. I hope
Elder Leva is doing good in San Martin.  We're going to be killing it here
in Rivadavia.  Anyway, I love you people.  I hope you take care of
yourselves and have a great spiritual week.  And have a good life in your
pretty houses there in the states.  


Ciao, ciao!



Got a new companion Elder Lamadrid, hes like 6 days old in the mission and hes awesome. Working hard and loving it!!
Take care of yourselves people!!Elder Affleck
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