August 23, 2017


MTC Provo


Elder Dumbrell

You are all so beautiful

Alright alright alright. Another week has flown by here in the MTC and I'm going to be honest with you. Not much really happened this week. Well at lot happened but it's pretty much the same stuff that we do every week so I'll try to remember as much as I can.
We got 47 new people this week and as ZLs we're in charge of helping all of them. During wednesday night I just gave a speech to them on why we have to change our language here and that we can't say 'guys' or 'dude' anymore, then literally all of the ZLs said 'guys' probably 50 times over the next hour. It was so embarrassing haha. Then we got to meet them all and there are some really cool Missionaries that came in. We got the Estonians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Ukrainians, and more Russians. One of the Lithuanians is an Elder that I played lacrosse with at BYU lax camp and he's one of the best goalies I've seen so that was really cool. Another Russian is the younger brother of an Elder who is in Moldova right now and I've actually read all of his emails. Elder Kramer, so that's pretty cool. There are 2 Elders from England, one is from Norwich where my Uncle is from (shout out uncle james). There is a sister from New Zealand, 2 Elders who spent the last few years in Saudi Arabia, and some other missionaries that have moved around a bunch and have lived in some insane places. They're all really cool and it's been difficult trying to keep them all together and giving them all of the information they need to know. A bunch got lost on sunday and we had to search the campus for them. Luckily we ran into both groups randomly and quickly so we were able to show them where to go. They're all still adjusting. It's been wild.
Brother Dowdle was just released from our Branch Presidency this Sunday and he's been in the MTC for the past four years. He's like a famous guitar player and so he played us some hymns on the guitar and it was so amazing. I could seriously listen to it all day. It was sad to see them go and they both (brother and sister dowdle) bore powerful testimonies of missionary work. We went to Choir and heard some amazing stories from Brother Eggett as usual and then we had a devotional from this guy that sings and it was weird haha. He was super cheesy and kept saying 'you are all so beautiful' and it was basically a cringefest. He played some guitar and I liked that but for the most part it was just weird. For some reason we keep getting these really weird music devotionals at the MTC haha. 
Yesterday we heard from Elder Clayton of the seventy and his talk was really good. He talked a little about the eclipse and he compared the moon to satan's influence and the sun to the Son of God. He said that even though in our perspective on earth it looks like the moon and the sun are the same size and that satans influence sometimes blocks the light in our lives. But we know that the sun is way way bigger and more influencial than the moon will ever be and even when the moon was blocking the sun you could still see a ring of light around the moon. I'm not sure if this made sense but I hope you get what I'm trying to say. 
We had skype TRCs yesterday and we taught Olya from Ukraine and that was really cool. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how important it is to read it everyday. She shared her favorite scripture which was Mosiah 2:41. She corrected me a lot on my Russian but it was really helpful. Overall a really good lesson. 
Other than that it's been the same ol' same ol'. I'm still working on letters and I love getting emails with updates from back home!
My challenge this week is to read D&C 61:2, Mosiah 2:41, and if you're looking for wild story read 2 Samuel 1. I also found out something cool. The story of Jonah and the whale can be used as a representation of the Resurrection of Christ so that blew my mind. My testimony grows stronger and stronger each week and I love it here! We're getting flight plans on Friday and there's only one more email from me while I'm in the MTC. I love you all!!
-Старейшина Уайтинг


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