August 13, 2018




Elder Day

Jacob, you are a specter of the gods. walk with me.

Hey everyoneBeen a crazy week for me. I feel bad for my comp because he's only been for a week and so much stuff happened. On wednesday I passed out on a trolleybus and so that was fun. Basically I was having mad chest pains all morning and then I went to grab the handle on the bus when I got really light-headed and then the next thing you know I was on the floor getting smacked in the face by a moldovan women while she's yelling at me in Romanian. They kinda shuffled me off the bus and I sat down and was in tons of pain. They took me to a sketchy hospital in Balti and it was hilarious. At first they were trying to convince me that сквозняк (it's a superstition that if you have a draft in your house or an air conditioner then you'll automatically get sick from it) got me. The doctors here are great. They found out that nothing was wrong and that I just needed some meds. Then the doctor lady came in with a huge syringe and said "this is for your bum" and I said "haha yeah no" and so they took me to another hospital and короче I got the meds and I'm feeling tons better. I can check that one off my bucket list now (yee yee)
I've just been showing my companion around Balti and it's been fun. We went block knocking the night before I ate it on the trolleybus and there was this guy that answered the door half naked and he was like "why did you ring this doorbell" (pointing to the doorbell on the side of the door) "and not this one" (pointing to the small button on his door) "everyone always presses this one- I'm not interested- BUT WHY" and idk why but we were dying at this random doorbell guy. We've also had lots of drama here in Balti still but it's okay because I am an expert at staying cool under pressure (nope) but it's all good here in Balti.
Interesting things this week:-We got to watch the Testaments this week for english class so if you haven't seen it it's a highly recommended one from Elder Whiting. Especially if you love cheesy movies.-We went to sister Luba's house for a birthday lunch for her. She's probably one of my favorite people on the mission. I understand like 2% of what she says but it's the best.-It was my comp, Elder Day's, bday this week and like 50 people baked cakes for him so it was quite heavenly-We had a member we were working with give her talk this week and it was AMAZING and we're so happy to see the progress she's making.-One of our investigators this week was so happy that she got a huge answer to her prayers while reading the book of mormon so that was really really cool.
Other than that I can't think of anything but I hope you all have a great week annnnd here's a cool scripture:2 Nephi 11:5

And also my soul delighteth in the covenants of the Lord which he hath made to our fathers; yea, my soul delighteth in his grace, and in his justice, and power, and mercy in the great and eternal plan of deliverance from death.

So the thing I love about this scripture is I feel like it describes the Atonement of Jesus Christ in 4 words: Grace, Justice, Power, and Mercy. And it makes me so grateful that we have a loving Heavenly Father who gave us so much and who has so much mercy for us. It's been an amazing experience seeing the Atonement of Jesus Christ in action.
Love you all
-Старейшина Уайтинг


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