May 21, 2018





no more sisters

hey guys so it's been quite the week. Transfers were this last week and that means that this will officially be the last transfer in the Romania/Moldova mission. Wild. Basically we got 4 new Romanian speakers, lost 2 sisters, and a bunch of Russians moved around. Nothing happened with me but I'm hyped for this transfer. Right now we have 14 elders serving in Chisinau so its about to get SO HYPE IM SO EXCITED. It's only going to be 5 weeks and then we will officially be in Ukraine Kiev mission.
In other news we had a ward activity on Saturday where we went to see some cool monasteries and check out old orhei vec. It was super rad. Everything here is so old and has so much history. 
Interesting things from the week:-My boi Nichols showed me how to play a minecraft song on the piano -So we went into a monastery and there's a sign that says you can't take pictures inside but there was an elementary school field trip and they were visiting the monastery so we walk in and there are like 50 kids all taking pictures and selfies with the icons. We were dying it was so funny-We had a potential investigator run away from us out of the church building haha yikes-Russian is still crazy hard but I love it and I absolutely love the people here. It's funny because all of the time we have people ask us "how is moldova" and I always respond "I love it so much" and they are always like "no you're lying you hate it bc nobody here likes it" but it's funny to me because they really have no idea how much I love this country and how much I love these people. Everyday I'm just super grateful to be here and to be serving these people. The work has been a little slow recently but I've been relying on the Lord and I've been learning to work on His time table. I know I can't do this mission by myself so I'm always relying on His help and His guidance. I love being a missionary.
I love and miss you all, have a killer week!
-Старейшина Уайтинг


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