May 14, 2018





rip 2 my tongue

Hey guys. I guess I would first like to give a fat shoutsout to my boi Nathan and his call to the Philippines!!!  Love you buddy
So this week has been crazy and it flew by. Saturday was probably one of the greatest days ever. We got fed three times. Yes, 3 times. In one day. Straight grilled Moldovan meat the whole day. I was in heaven. We did service for a good part of the day for a member, accidentally bit my tongue and wrecked it, ate some bomb food, went to an investigators, got fed again, went to a new investigator's and got fed again. I was dying of happiness. 
Victory day for Moldova this week so they had a bunch of crazy concerts and stuff going on. My comp got permission to watch the Russian victory day parade which means I got to watch it and it was crazy. Russia's wildin. 
The Godfrey's left this morning so it was really sad because I'm going to miss them. Elder Godfrey would always give me lil gems of wisdom every now and then and it was my favorite. Tempus Fugit ((not russian it's just a cool latin phrase ))
Transfers are this next saturday so I'll let you know what's happening but I love you all like crazy and I want to give a huge shoutsout to moms everywhere for everything that you do for all of us hooligans. Moms literally run the world and they don't get enough credit for sure. I love my mama and I want you all to tell your mamas that you love them too. 
SCRIPTURE OF THE WEEK: Helaman 5:12a very popular scripture but it's so true because we really need to REMEMBER that it's through Jesus Christ that we can get through any trial and any pain. 
-Старейшина Уайтинг


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