April 30, 2018






hey guys. So this week flew by. Dang. Well this week was pretty sweet. We gained 5 new investigators this past week. 2 of them we're already dropping bc they're not interested/crazy but we'll take it. Our contacting efforts haven't been for nothing :')
I guess I'll just make a list of things that happened this week because I feel like it's more fun:-Okay so this week we did service for Nina's mom (s/o Nina in Korea) and we basically got to throw rocks and chop wood so it made me feel like a man. Also she fed us some placinte (AMAZING) and compot (THE BEST DRINK IN THE WORLD) so I was in heaven basically. -A bunch of stuff happened during the service and so it was pretty funny/dope. I smashed my middle finger on this rock and cut my finger nail so that was fun. Elder Griffeth(homie) got hit in the face with a piece of wood and now he has a gnarly black eye. -We saw a couple lizards during this service event and the first one I picked up and threw across the yard but the second one I saw I decided to throw my axe at. Turns out I'm super accurate and cut the tail off and I guess playing Lotr conquest so much prepared me for this moment.- Happy birthday s/o to my boy Elder Lunt 😘-We had flag day this week so we got some cute lil free flags-In Russian the word Sabbath and Saturday are basically the same word so the 7th day adventists always say that we aren't keeping the sabbath(saturday) holy and so it triggers me a lot. -I finished Jesus the Christ, Our search for Happiness, and the Book of Mormon all in the same week (I've been reading them for a while) so that was really satisfying.
Other than that not much. Just working hard and preaching the gospel. I guess the things that I've been trying to work on are patience and humility and it's been really awesome to see how many blessings have come. I've been able to work through the hard things and even get over angry feelings that I might have towards others. So my challenge this week is to forgive someone this week, even if you feel like you are in the right. Just let it go and love them anyway. I promise that everything will work out in the end. Anyways, love you guys! Miss you all like crazy!
-Старейшина Уайтинг 


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