December 25, 2017




Elder Solov'iov

merry christmas ya filthy animal

OKAY so first of all we got to watch Rogue One for Christmas and I forgot how HYPE STAR WARS IS WE'RE ALL RAGING ON HOW MUCH WE MISS MOVIES but legit we're fine and everything is good. Oh yeah and this email will probably be a little shorter bc skype so okay yeah cool thanks.
I guess I'll just go to interesting things that happened this week.
-So the word Parkour in Russian is kinda funny because they say it the same way "parkour" but "par" in Russian means Steam and "kor" means Of the Chicken and so Parkour means Chicken Steam so everytime I jump on stuff I'll say chicken steam chicken steam
-We had dinner at the branch presidents house this thursday and it was so awesome. He's from Ukraine and he came here in like 1977 so that's crazy. They fed us some dang good traditional moldovan food.
-So they play a different type of mafia here it's really interesting. They added like 7 different roles and it is actually really fun. Super wildin'
-So I went to turn the light on in the morning this saturday and suddenly THE LIGHT EXPLODES. I was literally just like WHAT THE and then I had to walk across the the broken glass and get a flashlight and figure out how to get the power to work again it was super funny.
-I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON IN RUSSIAN. that's it but I feel very accomplished. Took me 2 months. Rad.
-We had a party for the Russian branch and I played a shepard for the play which was hard because I had to memorize russian lines but it was so fun. The party was sweet.
That's about it but I love you so much and don't forget that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. 
-Старейшина Уайтинг


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