December 18, 2017




Elder Solov'iov

Re: it's sannie claus -yeah and his lil elf

On Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 3:54 AM, Austin Carl Whiting <> wrote:
Okay so I actually wrote down what happened this week so now I don't think I'll forget anything hahahahahahah (jokes bc I forget stuff every week)
But first, lemme take a moment(selfie) to talk about the coolest thing from this week which was Zone Conference. President and Sora Hettinger came all the way from Buch to give us some seriously powerful spiritual talks and really get us fired up for missionary work in the promised land-oh sorry *Moldova (auto-correct). I absolutely loved it and afterwords we did a lil Secret Santa/White Elephant gift exchange which was awesome. We all bought gifts and then Elder Couser(AP he's dying this next transfer) read us a story where we passed our gifts to the left and to the right. I'll just write some highlights of what people got. Elder Romney(senior couple) got a Trump Russian nesting doll which he hated so he traded for it haha, Someone got a thomas the train engine, a new Ukrainian elder got a t-shirt that said "born in the ussr" in russian and so that was pretty funny too, I bought a fidget spinner for the thing and elder couser got it, and I ended up getting really nice chocolate, really nice juice, and some popcorn so I think I won this one. 
That's the biggest thing that happened this week but I have some little interesting stuff that happened too. Arif(with the baptismal date) is still super ready for baptism and we're really good friends with him so the work here is really progressing. We haven't had much luck with finding investigators but I found a couple guys that turned out to be crazy so woo progress haha. 
Крутые вещи:
-I met this guy from Moscow this week and he was really cool but the coolest thing was that I was actually able to tell that he sounded different from most people here. I've heard that people here in Moldova have a pretty horrible Russian accent but I've never really noticed because I still have no idea what's going on around here but I was actually able to understand this guy pretty well. HIS RUSSIAN WAS SO CLEAR. I now realize that by the end of my mission I might have some weird Moldovan, American accent in Russian so that will be funny. Also random thing is that I know some words better in Romanian than in Russian lol like I could tell you what spicy means in Romanian (picant) but I have no idea what it is in Russian and yeah little stuff like that haha. Mostly with food. weird.
-We had a talent/Christmas show this last friday and literally last second Elder Solov'iov decided that we should perform so we performed "somewhere over the rainbow" with elders Meek, Coberly, and Romney and so we killed it. It was super fun. There's some serious talent here too it was awesome to hear all these great christmas songs from other missionaries and members. 
-The church has been doing remodeling for a while and so we moved a ton of trash and furniture this last saturday and it messed up our schedule a ton but it was fun and we got to help out a lot so it was great. 
-I had the opportunity to go up to Balti yesterday with the other AP Elder Vashenko and it was the coolest. We rode up with the zone president of the church Pres. Covalt and it was honestly one of the coolest spiritual experiences for me. We were just driving along the countryside of Moldova while talking about how we could make the missionary work better and it was amazing. We got to Balti and it is so rad there I'm super pumped to serve there one day because the members are like one big family and the church there is super cool. 
The last thing was that during the ride to balti, Pres. Covalt asked some really good, hard questions for us and I honestly didn't know how to answer them. He talked about how hard it is to live in Moldova and how it's really hard to grow the church because everyone leaves the country to find better jobs. I felt so much love for the people at that moment and I knew that I was called here for a reason. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is everything to me and all I want is to share it with the people here. Missionary work is the greatest. 
Read your scriptures, say your prayers, go to church, and love others. Love you all. (already got the 4th one down haha)
-Старейшина Уайтинг (I don't have a russian keyboard so this took so long to type)


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