October 9, 2017




Elder Solov'iov

rip grandaddy morgan

I can't believe it's Monday already....Time is flying here and I guess that means we're having some fun. Missions are the best and the hardest I can't even explain it. I'm loving it though. I'll try to remember all of the fun, crazy, and spiritual moments of this week because there are many.
First of all, my dear old grandpa Elder Morgan left us this morning today. :'( So there's some Missionary vocab I need to go over. When you first arrive into the field the place where you first serve is your "birthplace" and your trainer is your "dad." So Elder Morgan trained my trainer so that makes him my grandpappy. So yeah just some random mission stuff here. It was sad to see him go because he's one of the funniest guys out here and he could always make us laugh. He has a really strong testimony too so I'm excited to see how he'll do post-mish. ripip
Chisinau is always going off on something so last week was the Chisinau Marathon and this week was the wine festival. Some guy in the ward hooked us up with Chisinau marathon gear because he helped with the thing so we all got medals and t-shirts that say we participated so I guess you could say I RAN MY FIRST MARATHON! (woo)
We got 2 new investigators this last week! (woo) and it was the greatest thing in the world I can't even explain to you. I actually have a really cool story. I met this guy on the street with his earbuds in but I said hi to him and he took them off and started talking to me. I told him I was from America and that we can teach him free english and he was super stoked about it. I got his contact and told him we could do a personal lesson with him where we teach english for 30 min and the gospel for 30 min and he was super interested. So this was a guy that I contacted all by myself (I'm a big kid now) and so it was a pretty big deal for me and then I called him and set up an appointment the next day (yesterday) and we were just chatting it up and he's a super cool guy. I helped him with some English and then I taught him about the book of mormon. He's an atheist and was telling me how he thinks that the idea of religion is pretty dumb but at the end of the lesson he was super interested in the book of mormon and I challenged him to pray. I hate that I'm such a crybaby but when I'm preaching I have a hard time not choking up haha. But yeah it went super well and so I'm very excited to see how it ends up. 
Another fun thing this week was MUSIC NIGHT. So basically we invited a bunch of the youth to get together and do like a musical talent show and it was super good. There was some sweet piano stuff and guitar things. The Romneys even did this recorder thing which sounds pretty funny but it was actually 2cute and 2good. And guess who else performed? ya boi. I did this duet with a girl in the ward named nina and she has a super good voice so we sang "I'm yours" by Jason Mraz so if any of you want autographs I'll mail them to you personally for 4 short payments of 500 lei. Also fun fact "lei" means "lion" here so you pay for everything in lions which is pretty sick.
We went block-knocking the other night which is the worst/best way of contacting. The worst because you get rebuked, mocked, and scorned but it's also the best for the same reasons. It's so funny haha. Basically we go into these really old huge soviet union apartment buildings and everyone of them has a different door and doorbell so it looks like a mess. We knock on the door and 99% of the time they don't open the door and yell out "what do you want" we then proceed to tell them we're missionaries and that we have a message about Jesus Christ and that's when the fun part happens. You either get three things, 1. they say "no thank you." 2. they go completely silent and pretend like they weren't there or 3. they say(in my case), "go far away from here." hahahaha it was so funny. Needless to say block-knocking is not my favorite way of contacting.
I have to say that my understanding of Russian sky-rocketed this week. I"m not sure what it was but I was able to understand much more than I have before. I really worked hard this week on seriously everything. I feel so good right now and I know that my efforts are starting to have results. My speaking is still horrible but it's getting much better. I honestly think the gift of tongues has helped me have a good attitude through it all more than anything. I haven't had one moment where I spoke fluently but I've had many little miracles every day that I love.
Some cool random stuff:-We met with a scientologist this week (our other new investigator) and he was super cool. He took us into this vip room of a cafe and we discussed the book of mormon and scientology (when I say "we" I mean elder Solov'iov lol). It was super cool and we're hoping to meet with him again.-I had a super awkward hug with this one girl in the ward last week that's really hard to explain but basically I didn't know what to do when she opened her arms (bc I'm not allowed to hug and stuff) so I just like patted her on the back and walked away it was so back and I lowkey think I offended her hahahaha YIKES -There are no dryers here so count your many blessings back home. I never knew I would miss a dryer so much. All my clothes are now crusty :'( -We go to this one crepe place a lot and it is SO GOOD. They stuff crepes with meat and other things. Our favorite is a pork and potatoes crepe. So dang good. -I BOUGHT A RUSSIAN SHEPKA THIS WEEK MY ENTIRE LIFE IS COMPLETE ITS THE COOLEST THING IN THE WORLD AND I CANT WAIT TO WEAR IT AND HAVE IT BE ACCEPTABLE TO WEAR IN PUBLIC-There's this one card game the Ukrainians love and it's called "Munchkin" and its kinda like dungeons and dragons but all in russian and its pretty fun but I swear they make up rules to make me lose because I can't read the cards haha. -We taught more English this week which is the best
But yeah to leave things on a Spiritual note I was reading some Gospel books and I read D&C 121:7-8 and I'm telling you right now to go and read it. Yes right now. If you are struggling this is the perfect answer for you. Another thing that has to do with the last scripture is a quote that I was reading in a Missionary book. It goes something like this: "A king gathered together his wisest men and told them to create a sentence that explained everything and they came up with 'this, too, shall pass away.'" How amazing is that one sentence to know that our trials and afflictions are only a small moment in the grand scheme of things and that all things will pass away with time and patience. Anyways I love you all. Keep writing me and keep praying and keep reading your scriptures. 
-Старейшина Уайтинг


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