September 25, 2017




Elder Solov'iov


Okay so to start out we actually didn't flood the church but I had to make my email sound more interesting. But yeah the church was actually flooded this week so I'll explain more on that. Also why do we spell "flood" with 2 o'? I'm just thinking about this and it looks so weird to me.......Russian is messing with my mind.
Okay so it was a pretty normal week so I don't have much to report but I have a few interesting things that happened this week and also some cutural things that I think are funny.
I accidentally lost my companion last P-day hahah. We got onto the most crammed trolleybus ever. (when you think they can't fit any more people someone will shove their way in). And so we were headed home and I could've sworn there were more stops but there wasn't and so my companion got off and I didn't. So I got off on the next stop and walked back by myself(which normally would sound really dumb but being a missionary it felt so weird walking by myself lol) and then I basically just waited for him by the steps of the apartment for an hour bc I had the keys and he had a dead cell phone. Fun fun.
This week was zone conference (woo) and so everyone in Moldova came down to Chisinau to party and feel the spirit (woo). So there are 3 areas in Moldova. Chisinau, Balti, and Orhei. There are 4 Russians in Belti, 2 Romanians in Orhei, 6 Russians in Chisinau, 6 Romanian Elders in Chisinau and 4 Romanian Sisters in Chisinau so basically we already knew everyone there. But Elder Griffeth, Martindale, Sargesan, and Huntsman came down from Belti so it was a lil Russian get together. I met Elder Griffith and Elder Sargesan for the first time. Elder Sargesan is from Armenia and doesn't speak any english. He understands Russian tho and can speak pretty well. Elder Griffeth is a lax bro from Wasatch and is THE SICKEST DUDE. Literally we are so similar. We stayed up super late just talking about our lives and it was super cool. 
Back to Zone Conference. So President and Sister Hettinger came from Romania and I can't even explain how much I love them. President Hettinger is literally just one of the boys and he is one of the most positive people ever. Sister Hettinger is super super nice and they are the greatest. They talked to us a lot about finding people to teach and it was really inspiring. I really learned a lot and realized that I needed to work harder!
Interesting things from this week/cultural things:-Sith Lords. Okay so this one is really funny. Orthodox priests here are wild and they have these massive beards and they are always wearing like long black robes and they straight up look like Sith Lords hahahah-Crazy people. THERE ARE SO MANY CRAZY PEOPLE HERE. Anytime I am contacting I will always have someone completely out of their mind come up and talk to me.....and they don't go away. It's so annoying because I 1.can't understand what they're saying 2. they smell horrible and 3. they eat up so much time and 4. they always end up asking for money or something. I swear the only people that want to talk to me are crazy. I know it sounds kinda mean but man it's rough-The Flooded Church. Alright so one of the pipes busted so the entire second floor had a few inches of water everywhere so we mopped up everything for like an hour and that was fun-Sausages. Moldova loves their sausages. At every market they have about 50 different types of sausages that you can buy. I thought there was only one but apparently not. -Old People. Old people here are very tough and I think it's because they grew up in the Soviet Union. Most of the time they don't want to hear a word we have to say and they can be pretty rude. But last night we saw a little party for old people and they were dancing to some old traditional russian music(which is horrible btw) and it was so funny. They were all partying so hard haha.
At zone conference we watched this speech that a guy in the arm was giving. He said, "IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD, START BY MAKING YOUR BED EVERY MORNING." He talked a lot about how it's the little choices we make that shape our lives. If you can't do the little things right then how are you going to do the big things right? It's the little things we do every day. This really changed my perspective on things. You can do so much more just by changing just a few things everyday. 
I love you all so much!!! Keep me udpated! 
-Elder Whiting (the russian keyboard is broken lol) 


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