September 18, 2017




Elder Dumbrell

Sidewalks (ft. cars)

Hey hey hey everyone welcome to the next update of Elder Whiting. It's been another wild one here in Chisinau and so I'll get right to it.
So first of all to explain sidewalks, so apparently sidewalks here are free game to park?? It's whack but it's so funny. There's like so parking here so everyone just parks and drives on the sidewalks all of the time.
Another funny thing I learned. In Russian there is no difference between a dove and a pigeon. Like it's the same word. And in the bible it talks about how the holy ghost descended in the form of a dove so basically what I'm getting to is everyone thinks that pigeons here are like sacred animals so they're everywhere. And nobody messes with them so the pigeons here will just walk right by you.
Basically we still don't really have any investigators so we spent most of our time contacting. We found this one guy and we taught him a lesson this week. MY FIRST LESSON WOO. It went super well and he seemed interested so we're hoping to meet with him again. Which now leads into my craziest experience here so far. MY SECOND LESSON WOO. So this next lesson was the same day as my first lesson and it was actually a guy that I met and talked to in Russian. He was super nice and I gave him a book of mormon and things were all good. We went to by where he lives and he was late meeting us but we eventually met up with him. He was super nice but first thing he offered to buy us alcohol. We said no thanks and so he bought us little juices and a big old beer for himself. We were like 'oh no he's going to be hammered the whole lesson.' Little did we know that he was definitely going to be hammered the whole lesson. He tried talking to me about american conpiracy theories in broken english like how '9/11 was a government job' and stuff. and then we enter his apartment where he offered us tea, coffee, and a smoke. We said no thanks but he insisted so he made us like an herbal tea because thats all we could have. He immediately took his shirt off and smoked out of his window. We tried to teach about the book of mormon but the spirit was long gone. Basically we left as soon as we could which was like an hour into this. There are so many other crazy details but I don't have much time. Apparently my comp said he had a very dirty mouth but I don't know Russian swears. haha I LOVE THIS MISSION. good times good times. Afterwords we laughed so hard because it was literally the strangest thing ever. 
We did some service this week for a member here and we basically chopped down a tree in his garden and that was super fun. He fed us a traditional moldovan meal afterwords and it was so good. They had the cutest little family and it was very humbling to see how little they had. 
Other things that happened this week-I had a guy flip me off this week. WOO FIRST ONE. I think I have the record here of the fastest one. Represent represent -We tried some creative contacting this week so we put as many ties on Elder Solov'iov and tried to get people to guess how many ties he was wearing then if they got close then we gave them a book of mormon-A girl in the ward got her mission call to the birmingham england mission so that's super cool-one of our good friends in the ward got drafted into the moldovan army so he left for Russia today to go live with his dad so that he didn't have to serve. It's really sad because we love Nichols. He does parkour and has a youtube account(go look up my boy Demon009900 hahah). -The weather has been gorgeous-I saw meet the mormons in Russian and didt understand any of it.-I bought a sick watch that was made in the soviet union in like the 1970's and it still works. It's like 500 lei here(expensive) but about 27 dollars in america.-played soccer this morning and it was so fun
Anyways I think that's everything. EVERYONE GO READ MOSIAH 2-4. King Benjamin's speech to his people is amazing and it really hit me this week. MAke sure you read your scriptures and say your prayers. Love you all!!!
-Старейшина Уайтинг


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