June 24, 2019


Knoxville Tennesse


Elders Corder and Ostler

Julius is getting baptized!

Well this week was a blur. And a flurry of activity. We were in Chattanooga and got to go finding and have our final zone conference at the beginning of the week and then we had the new missionary orientation mid week and miracles in our own area sprinkled throughout. 
This week was one to fight for the progress of our investigators. Julius we saw twice this week. Ill tell you what when we walked in with Brother Wolfe to teach Julius the first time this week it was rough. We caught him just after waking up so he was groggy and it seemed that we were back to square one with trying to help him get on track. As we spoke through with him we taught how the difference he was feeling was because he had missed church last week. It really is amazing to see the difference the sacrament makes in someones week. I say this because fast forward to this sunday right after church with Julius and he was lively and on fire! He is excited for baptism and the spirit seems to be helping him remember the things that he needs to. The Artificavitchs taught him with us as well and they can see the light and the difference in him. He is going to have some great support before his baptism this saturday.
We also have Tan that we are still working with. He came to church again which was awesome. He is taking small steps but we needed to move his baptismal date back to July to help him be more prepared. Its exciting to see those who are willing to make changes in their lives to enjoy the blessings of the gospel.
Another cool person we got to meet with/ get to know more was Phoung, a friend of one of the members of the YSA. We helped move some stuff for her last week in the morning and she wanted to take us all to dinner. We went to a place called sticky rice cafe (which is apparently super good... I just had it again for lunch) She has a ton of potential as well. 
One other highlight from the week was getting to go on a power up with Elder Roden. We got to teach several people (including meeting Erica at Cracker Barrel again... she seems to be doing pretty well but contact is rough) We met a lot of cool people and found probably the first person in my mission that has a great amount of interest in why we do family history work. He has done a lot of family history research with our church and never found out why from us. Its going to be good.
Overall just trying to help leadership in the mission right now catch even more of a vision of all the impact they can have as they get actively involved. This weekend the mission has 17 baptisms scheduled which would put us at 41 baptisms for the month and at 169 baptisms for the year. Its amazing to see the miracles coming together as we strive to bring 400 souls to Christ.
Love you Family!
pictures are of going back to sticky rice cafe to get some Pho today :)Also a picture with a dog that looks just like the UT mascotAnd making the rounds before church


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