May 27, 2019


Knoxville Tennesse


Matthew Cordner

House Cleaning and Baptismal goal setting

What a week.The Lord has been pouring out blessings on us. We had a crazy good week, the only thing that could have been avoided without complaint from us would be all the people that are gone due to memorial day weekend, it seems many didnt make it to church because of vacations. 
We are pumped though because we have like 4 pairs of people on date, so they have someone else to support them and many have legit fellow-shippers as well. Robert is also doing really well, and just accepted the invitation to live the Word of Wisdom and accepted it like it was a gift from God. We got back in contact with Courtney and his family and put his kids, Daniel and Brooklyn back on date. Theyve been thinking about baptism since we talked to them a couple of weeks ago so we were pretty excited but then they didnt make it to church yesterday. It seems that Satan is "quadrupling his efforts" to fight back. We will get them next week though :)Two of the other pairs are mom's and their kids, both of which Elder Cordner and I found this last week. They are both acting really positive towards the church right now and both shared that their kids really like us as well, teaching families really is so great. The last pair that we got to teach this week was Mike and Francis, they are the parents of like 8 kids and they are so solid. Mike straight up has the same questions that Joseph Smith does and is pretty open and candid with us. Definitely refreshingly open. Another miracle of the week was Richard bringing his mom to church again as well as a niece and a nephew. He is already helping the work to roll forward and he has only been a member for like 2 weeks :) That man is so solid. 
It was an interesting weeks in many ways as well with some house cleaning that had to take place. Quite literally actually as we arrived for a power up with some Elders and found a frat house of a living environment and similarly taken care of investigators (aka non existent) it was good though and a great reminder of the atonement, just like that apartment it all starts with just taking control and not letting life run you over.
There are certainly some things to be worked on in the mission, this next transfer will be one to pass the torch and to help younger missionaries realize the importance of going forward strong. The Lord will send miracles when you go to work. We hope to share more as we help the 8 we have on date this week.


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