April 22, 2019


Knoxville Tennesse


Reagan Bluth

Quick update

Its been quite the week. We went on a couple of power ups and got to go up to Bristol Tennessee and Virginia (City that covers both states) and also an area that neighbors ours, Grove Park. Its been interesting serving as a trio particularly with power ups. That being said it is coming to an end this Wednesday as Elder Bluth will now be going to serve over in Chattanooga. Elder Cordner and I will be left to hold down the fort:).We also got a couple of days to work our own area this last week. With that we got to invite several people to be baptized which we are quite excited about. One of those came about in an unexpected way. Mike Moore, the older man who I found the first time around serving in the Knoxville 1st ward, wanted to come to institute because he really wants more study of the scriptures. We didn't think too much about it but just helped him to be able to come, but it turns out that there is a hard fast rule on no one over 30 being there. In hindsight that policy makes a whole lot of sense, one of those things that we figured was minor enough that we didnt think about in depth though. At any rate, I sat down with him just in the building and got to talk to him and read a chapter of the BoM. At the end of the visit he accepted a baptismal date! This is a big step from where he was before but we still have some steps to take with him in the month we have to prepare him.Bethany is also doing well in a lot of ways. We met her in Mcdonalds this last week and had a really good discussion about her journey thus far and how the spirit speaks to her. We at length gave her a commitment to live the gospel like she knows it is true so that the spirit can testify to her that it is. Im pretty excited for her to do that as she has been investigating for 9 months now and has been going back and forth a bit. There were some good adventures to be had and some cool quick visits we got to make. This week we will have a whole lot less of that as transfer week equates to tons of work in the office. Elder Cordner and I will also need to get things ready shortly thereafter for Elder Costa. No rest for the wicked!I testify that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World! I hope that you had a wonderful easter and felt his love.Have a great week!
Photos:On the way back from Bristol we got to poke our heads in the speedway real quick. Also a look at transfer callsAnd the best barbeque I've had in the south (Actually worth the hype)


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