April 1, 2019


Knoxville Tennesse


Reagan Bluth

Stretch Forth

Man, right when you think that there isnt too much more the Lord can throw at you, oh, yup, hit by a ton of bricks. That describes pretty well what the adjustment to this week felt like -i probably shouldnt hold my breath because Im sure there is a lot of similar growth to come in life- but it was good as I certainly had to rely on the Lord. Zone conferences were awesome though it was certainly exhausting. Getting to train was a great learning experience on letting the spirit guide. I hit more of my stride on the second training. The first time around I went over on time so I had to chop out some extra stuff... also that made Elder Bluths job harder because he had to adjust for time and so we were all rushed all of the sudden. Keeping it simple is key. Training on the Law of the Harvest was exciting but even cooler was getting to minister to a bunch of missionaries. By the end I was tired but that cool. No comfort in the growth zone right?I also got to tract downtown on a power up this week (right off of UT campus). Man, Im not sure how one just parties all day but it was impressive how many parties (and looud ones at that) were going on at like 3 pm. But we met some cool people, several of which are planning on coming to institute soon (one guy grew up near Palmyra NY and knew sooo much about the BoM, hes cool I hope he progresses)Also this week Bethany, a YSA that has been investigating the church for some time, got up and shared her testimony about having shared the BoM with a hispanic man. Hopefully we will help her get baptized soon :)I apologize if it feels like I am jumping all over the place... that being said that would be an accurate description of the week. Ill finish with describing sunday. Sunday I woke up feeling burnt out. I got dressed and ready with 2 hours to read the scriptures but as I started reading in some places I felt pretty unmotivated (and ready to crash). I resorted to simply read several chapters in the BoM and see how I felt then and prayed that I could have a good sunday. The Lord answers prayers. Plus the Book of Mormon is powerful. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed dont forget to look to him. The rest of the day was exhilirating, I found renewed strength.
Isaiah 40:29 "He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength."

p.s. sorry about no pictures I will go find some


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