March 25, 2019


Knoxville Tennesse


Reagan Bluth

Trainings meeting back up with Mike

Hey everyone!
So this week is a bit of a blur. There was a lot of trainings to be done. We started with MLC and then had the new missionary orientation meeting and then from there we had to start preparing our training for zone conference this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Im still finding my groove with these trainings as you have to be pretty good with organizing your thoughts on on the fly... in a lot of ways it is very similar to teaching situations and I think with a little more time it will get a lot smoother. We also got to go on a power up with the Elders down in Chatt Branch, Elder Green and Elder Rawle. I got to go with Rawle and work on my ministering skills.

So lots of Assistant work and a bit of finding in our own area. A pretty cool highlight from our week was getting to talk to Mike Moore. If you have an astonishingly good memory then you may remember that I found Mike Moore with Elder Sanders all the way back towards the beginning of my mission. Since then Mike almost got baptized and got to have a visit with Elder Sitati, a general authority, and has also been to church several times. We swung by and got to catch up and talk about things, some of his ambitions, challenges, and thoughts in general. It was a fun reunion and we invited him to be baptized. He didn't quite set a date but he did say "we started this thing together and it seems that we just might finish this together", careful Mike you might be prophesying :) 

I'm also learning a lot from President Pickett, he says things very straight forward manner. For instance I loved what he said with humility and leadership, humility isn't the self abasement that we often associate with humility, when it comes to leadership this is diminishing our calling rather than magnifying it. We serve with Christlike love and serve those around us as we ourselves really aren't anything different from those around us, but the calling is meant to be one of leadership, that is the way the Lord intended it and so to magnify that we need to take charge. 
I'm excited to learn more. Oh also as far as a mission we are at about 73/400 baptisms so far. We will be making a push with these coming zone conferences.
Love you familyHere is a random video of some p-day shenanigans 


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