February 25, 2019


Powell Valley Virginia


Mitchell Hagler

Highs and Lows of the Powell Valley Bros (Elders)

Hey everyone!
Its been a week. With ups and downs. We had great success and really powerful lessons with Ronney Aistrop, going to the temple and finding a guy our age named Quentin among other things.Satan is also fighting back. The Carrols left us a note sunday morning saying that are services are no longer required (ouch, theres no way our discussions are so dull as to be called services! We are definitely friends!) and Madison's mom and her grandparents (who are all Jehovahs witnesses) are suddenly pushing hard to have her come to their church even though she said repeatedly that it is not for her, they are also not making it easy to stay in contact. Certainly a reminder that faith is a choice, when facing a hard moment do we look to Christ or do we start to murmur?
Having faced this on Sunday makes me think that our visit with Ronney Aistrop on Friday was for us as well as him. We talked about that exact topic as we read from Alma 32. It was certainly a highlight from the week. Every time we go to Ronney's place he has a bunch that he wants to talk about because he has read and listened to so much! Through all of this though he knows he has felt the spirit but he also struggles with Joseph Smith and polygamy. As we read he said that verse 28 hit him really hard. He has been feeling the "swelling motions" as he has explored the church. But he still says it is too big of a leap to come to church! (Any suggestions?) In respect to his hesitation to come to church for some reason we talked about how it is a choice to have faith and that is how God helps us grow. 
We also had a really good temple trip with Brother Benfield! This happened Wednesday, I believe he is one of two converts in the last year (out of like 12 in this ward) to make it to the temple. It was a 5 hour drive one way so a massive journey, we got up at 3 in the morning to leave at 4. I was just simply exhausted the rest of the day. But it certainly had impact on him! The temple is a powerful place. We will be working with him and Brother Bentoski here soon on more family history work.
The last cool experience I will share is with Quentin. Truly the hand of the Lord is not subtle in the mission field. We were out finding and we felt we should stay in a trailer park for a while. We were about to leave with no success when we saw someone sitting in their car, so we strolled right on up and started chatting with them. Quentin told us that he was aethist because of bad experiences with God and the death of a loved one when he was younger. We got to testify of Christ and share several scriptures from the BoM such as Alma 40:11. He really opened up as we talked and you could see the difference in his countenance before we left. He accepted an invitation to be baptised as he looks for more peace.
Well. Love you all! Hope you have a great week!
-Elder Harris

Here is a baby goat that interupted us mid lesson with William Nickens


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