December 31, 2018


Chattanooga, Harrison Bay Second Appartment


Elder McCoy

What a year

What a week. And also what a year. I've learned a lot, loved a lot, and worked a lot. Definitely some great memories with amazing people along the way. Julie way back in Knoxville the beginning of this year, the Hoods in Blairsville and all the wonderful conversations we had together with the Miller's. Also shout out to Sister Miller's delicious cookies and to Elder Haynes ridiculously delicious cooking. Blairsville was an awesome area despite all that was told to me about it. Powell valley has some mixed emotions with it. Another area that had a reputation for being "outer darkness". I didn't give up but I do wonder if I could have given more. Certainly a place where I learned more of my savior and to find strength through him. Cookeville was full of wonderful people and experiences, starting with the Bang of the 4th of July. Learning just how hard I could work with Elder Hatch and Baptizing Brother Maffett, finding the Housers and having all the spirit filled lessons that we did. Together with Adamson and all the talk of Alaska, I know way more now then I ever did before, finding Ted Rice (who is now going to be baptised on the 5th!) And beginning to work with Kevin Schwartz. Then working with Elder Boehme and seeing all the little miracles that often came in unexpected ways like when we found the Scaifes in the last 1t minutes of the date (they are currently on date for the 19th as far as I am aware), finding Joy Hall and assuming we would just give her a BoM and never see her again but learn she read the whole thing and loved it. I left on a high note as Ted and Kevin bore their testimonies and Valerie Bowman was baptized.Now over to Chattanooga trying to remember the great examples I had as I try to lead a zone with Elder Cordner. That transfer flew but in such a great way as we made some great memories. Working with the YSA and Harrison Bay was an adjustment but Cordner helped me take it in stride as he had things under wrap. Now with Elder McCoy who was trained in the same area by the same trainer. Working to bring the many families we have found to feel the spirit. It's been tricky with holidays but here is to starting the year off right.

Thanks for all the support from home! The power of prayer has a big impact. Thanks for the light that y'all are to me. Having members of the church that stand out, reach out, and support others through hard times is huge. We all need it, and it makes a huge difference when a member is involved with an investigator. Patrick, who we found in a miraculous way last week, just dropped us as he was told some lies about who we are. What a tragedy but also a testimony to me that members are huge. 
We hope to see some miracles this week though with Dolly and Mary. Dolly didn't come to church becuas e she is concerned for her son max and for the culture of her neighbor hood. People just randomly walk into her house (it literally happened while we were standing at her door, two strangers and a neighbor walked out of her house hat she didn't know was there, they weren't visiting anyone at the house or anything) so she is in a really tight spot. We pleaded with her to put it in the Lord's hands and she said she would this coming week. But yesterday she couldn't make it to church. The Campbell family which has 14 people in the house, has been sick. We hope to meet this Wednesday. Chris Ford is back in the hospital. Hunter hasn't made it to church because of all the funerals he serves at. Brook Hinton has been out of town. So all our dates are kind of in Limbo. We will keep on kicking along.Happy New Year!
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