December 24, 2018


Harrison Bay Tennessee


Elder McCoy

Christmas 2/2

Christmas is here and it definitely feels a little off with the weather in the 50's and just barely getting completely settled into our new apartment. I suppose all I can do is pray for a severe drop in temperature tonight and maybe we will get some snow... on the other hand though that may lead to a mass hysteria considering the local attitude towards snow haha.
As far as the work goes this week has been really good. We set a goal as a companionship for 16 baptisms this transfer (more then we both have had in the rest of our missions almost combined haha) but that being said I am quite serious about this goal, and its been amazing to see how many amazing families are in the area. Currently we have 4 families of roughly 5 people each that have a parent that has felt to look for a different church, or the truth, or something to that affect recently. It seems like the Lord just keeps sending us more people, we just have to keep up with them haha. The goal is big, it will likely be a very fast transfer because of that.
We certainly saw miracles this week with trying to find and prep early on in the transfer for helping people prepare for baptism. One complex seems to be particuarly on fire as we found Laprisha (a mother who recently felt to look for truth and was super interested when we first met her) as well as Patrick, who we found when following up with an appointment which fell through. (Speaking of which, on a side note, its cool to see how the Lord makes good come of sitautions like a return appointment where you are stood up) We never would have met Patrick if it hadnt been for that appointment. As we walked up to the apartment he was walking out and looking at us, but not in a "those guys are strange" sort of way. So we started talking to him and it turns out he has been in a really rough spot. He wants his family  to be more functional (both his marriage and his parents) and has been feeling angry about the sitaution he has been given in life. As we testified of Christ, his love, power, and peace and then shared the "because of him" video, through tears he told us he had just been praying to the Lord to send someone to him. 
The Lord is in the details, especially during the Christmas season his love brings me so much peace. Serving him and thinking of others has made this Christmas special.Merry Christmas everyone!
--Elder Harris 


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