December 18, 2018


Harrison Bay Tennessee


Matthew Cordner

Farewell Cordner

I'm not sure how we packed everything that we did into last week. There were some ups, some downs, and some great memories made.
This was my last week with Elder Cordner and we certainly finished on a strong note. We didnt hit our goal for 3 baptisms this transfer but we found and taught so many amazing people together. Right now we have several families and many more individuals that we are teaching. This next transfer I know we will see a lot of success. 
As far as people go sadly Cameron Patton texted us and said that his mom doesnt want us coming by anymore. She heard from her mom that we are different in some way. We even tried by several times to no avail. On another sad/weird note, Chris Ford seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, he lives right across the street so we have tried by several times and called him quite a few. Hopefully more news there soon.
On a more bright side we have a lot of good things going with families in the area. We saw lots of little miracles with reaching out to people and using every bit of time we had this week. It stuck out to me after reading in Jacob 6 where it talks about the servants in the vineyard going forth and working with their "mights". In connection with a talk i recently read I also thought of "mites" (as in the widows mite) we saw several miracles as we put forth little efforts with a little bit of time that we had. Two example stories from the week:We had 20 minutes free one night inbetween appointments and felt to find. We went to a street and decided to start with the house that was most lit up and met the campbell family, well first we met one of the daughters, and my genius companion Elder Cordner was on fire and asked if we could share light the world with the whole family. We met the dad and it turns out he has been looking for truth for a long time and hasnt felt like he has found it (he even read the BoM), after feeling the spirit of the video however he agreed to come to church with his daughters on the 23rd.Another miracles was when we found Alyssa Newton. We had 15 minutes this time and we were right next to our next appointment and had tracted much of the area. We felt to go to a street that we had previously left undone. We knocked on her door just 2 minutes after she had been looking at a BoM that a friend gave her before leaving on a mission. We got to return and teach another lesson and she has a lot of really good questions.
We also taught quite a few people that are big believers in the bible, just to keep things short we will say we are going to try and find back up from a member that came from that background.
Oh I almost forgot, this last week we had Christmas zone conference and Mission leadership conference with the whole mission (over video for each district) we set a goal for 400 for this next year which will be pretty intense but I am excited to see how things go with the mission. Goals have certainly helped me to push hard as of late.
Christmas zone confernce was powerful, I got to sing silent night in a quartet too which was awesome. I hope yall have a Merry Christmas and we will talk more next week!


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