November 19, 2018


Harrison Bay Tennessee


Matthew Cordner

Full sprint

Things have been getting real exciting hear lately. The mission is simply on fire, a good kind of fire, an "Im pumped to stay on fire" sort of fire. Not so much the stop drop and roll kind. Elder Cordner and I have been praying for miracles and setting daily goals in an effort to pursue the 3 baptisms we felt inspired to strive for for the transfer. We found amazing people this week. It seems that with every place we went, looking intently for those who are ready, we would at least find someone who might have some interest.  Working in the Harrison Bay ward and the YSA branch has been interesting. Being around a bunch of people that are right around my age is just a weird feeling. But it certainly keeps me on my toes. I feel like the Lord is reminding me not to get too comfortable on the mission because there are big things coming in the future. The Branch is probably my favorite though simply because it is a lot smaller and tight knit. Also the sacrament meeting we had yesterday was powerful. I got to speak which provided me with a great opportunity to study up in preparation for the meeting. As it turned out all 3 of us touched on essentially the same subject (fears and adversity) but we didnt really touch on the same things. The spirit was spine tingling during the hymn "How Great thou art". Those are the kinds of meetings you walk away from ready to conquer the world. (the branch is about 30 people on the regular btw)
I wish I could share all the stories that I have from this week but I will simply share a few.First off the Lumpkins took a sad turn, they were the family of 2 that we found right after praying for miracles and to find 2 people. Sadly Tyrell messaged Elder Cordner that he didnt want us coming back. I suppose we will see what happens in the coming days, they live really close and we are occasionally in their apartment complex so we might see them again. A good learning experience that went right with the 3rd hour lesson we had with the Harrison Bay ward when last evening while tracting a neighbor walked up while we were talking to an 18 year old out on the lawn at about 8. His name was Austin (fancy that?) and he was very interested in the BoM, the neighbor walked up after we got contact info luckily and started telling us it was too late to be out and that we shouldnt be doing what we were. He then handed us his phone so that the owner of the house (dad of the girlfriend of Austin) could chew us out too. We simply expressed we didnt mean to offend and walked away. It was a great learning experience as we just talked about using the atonement when we need to let offense go. I felt pretty justified in my disbelief at these men who were getting upset at us mostly because we were actually finding success at a time of day they felt we shouldnt (we didnt do anything even remotely wrong, we didnt even walk up to the door, Austin was out on the Lawn) but it was a great opportunity and relization that Heavenly Father loves those men the same as me. It was freeing to pray later that night for indignation to be taken away.
We are pretty excited to put 3 people on date this week. That is the goal as we are currently ridiculously close as a mission to the goal for 300. Goals are powerful, of that I am sure. I look forward to continued growth and stretching. 
Hope yall have a great week!
-Elder Harris


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