November 5, 2018

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We are excited to hear if you are staying or going. I know you have worked hard in this area so in many ways I hope you stay but then again if you move to somewhere new you will have new opportunities and learning experiences.

How are the investigators doing? Baptisms?

We are having some nicer weather still. Not extremely warm but I was out last night with no jacket and it felt cool but nice. I was really enjoying the cold evening and really nice day. Of course we are now on Day Light Savings time as of Sunday.

Fast Sunday was great we have a few youth bear testimony during he meeting which was great. It was a good meeting with lots of teaching happening.

Sunday school we talked about apps for doing family history. This was really enjoyable and we loved every minute of learning about the many apps out there to help with family history. In Priesthood we talked about doing priesthood ordinances. Good things were discussed.

For supper we had everyone. It was enjoyable. We also were able to talk Andi into staying and she played a game with Teresa, Tanner, Brittney and Mark. I held and enjoyed Oakley while they were playing. We later ran Andi home to Orem.

I was beginning to study one of the lessons for next year to get a feel for how they are put together. They are a lot like Preach My Gospel where there is more of a purpose to the verses you read and discovery while studying the materials.

Yesterday I worked on spreading compose and tilling the gardens. Got them both done so this was nice. I don’t know if I mentioned we cut down the apple tree in the back garden and pulled the stump out. This makes the back garden look larger and tilling was easier without having to go around a tree.

Friday we had a Day of the Dead party at the house. We had Emerson, Zeke, Teresa and James, Brittney, Janice and later Andi and Gary.. We watched Coco and then after when Gary and Andi came played some games.

I spend a evening this week doing family history and only made a little progress on one person and his parents in about 2 and 1/2 hours of searching. I am hoping to have better luck as I get better and knowing what to do.

Austin, I am so grateful for the blessings we receive. Having you in the mission field is a great blessing making Monday’s a day to look forward to in order to hear from you and hear about your experiences and growth. Thanks for always doing a good job sharing. We are blessed.

We are trying to decide upon our location for family vacation and checking out places. As we narrow this down any preferences? Bear Lake, Circleville, down by Saint George again, Paris Idaho which is by Bear Lake, Local where we do events each day which sound exciting to everyone—water skiing, four wheeling, hiking etc.

Do think much about the vacation just wondering if you had any real preference. We will have a new born from Teresa and Tanner.

Love you Austin, have a wonderful day and week.

Love Dad

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