October 29, 2018


CookeVille Tennessee


Elder Boehme

Cookeville, the end draweth nigh?

Well what a week. We kept a pretty furious pace with teaching the Bowmans, that was what made this week feel like a roller coaster.We also got to have great lessons with people like Ted, Jeanette, and Logan.Even with all this teaching going on the work isnt slowing, we found some super solid people like Channin and Dustin over in Baxter.
So the Bowmans?The spirit was very involved in the direction we went with Valerie this weekend because of the major toss up right before the baptism. Leading up to it went great. We taught them twice with Bishop, twice with President Martin, and even got to give them priesthood blessings. They have been soaking a lot in, much of it has been pretty powerful for them, when Brother Martin gave Isaac a blessing for instance you could feel the spirit in the room. Afterwards he stood up saying it was powerful. Brother Martin and Bishop were both perfect for helping them work through concerns and getting pumped for the baptism. The spirit was powerful in those meetings and definitely influential in the course we ended up taking. Sadly Satan works on people pretty hard and Isaac started feeling pretty uncertain Saturday, the day we were to have the baptismal interview. More than that Isaacs boss has been working on him and trying  to get  him to go to his church. Thus when the baptismal interview time came around saturday night, but he did not feel ready and was uncomfortable with the idea of an interview. Furthermore he didn't want to meet that night (or anytime for now). Well we woke up the morning after to find that Valerie had been up late praying and pondering. She had sent a text saying the night before that she felt God prompting her to move forward with the baptism. So with a whole lot of prayer and quick calls we ended up having a baptism Saturday. It was awesome. Valerie is going to do great things, she is very sensitive to the spirit.Speaking of spiritual sensitivity Jeanette is also doing really well. We had a visit with her this week and took President and Sister Heap with us (Stake presidency) it was a powerful visit. We were able to work through more of her concerns to the point that she says sh3 is ready, she simply wants to finish what she started (reading the BoM and Gospel Principles book) before she gets baptised. She hinted at the holidays being when she would like to do it so we are getting close. She also brought one of her daughter's for the first time ever! She is getting more and more involved in the church. Ted is also doing great. He came to the trunk or treat and church (he hasn't missed a week yet)Logan is also doing really well, we should have a baptism for him this Thursday. 
MLC  was also really cool from this last week. Working so closely with the Picketts brings a whole lot of solid revelation. This time was a bit stressful though because we had a training and I also had a solo singing Rise up O men of God. It all went great though.Something interesting that we heard from the Assistants to the President however is that our mission (and all others in the south east) are underperforming. Elder Bednar apparently called the mission presidents to hasten the work even more, to correct more, etc. I'm excited to see where even more energy and dedication takes us.
We are still seeing miracles with finding. Channin is actually the grandson of a member and is super excited to read the BoM. We talked for only about a half hour but he came to the Ward trunk or treat, and he lives all the way out in Baxter.We also found Dustin. We talked to his wife first and she told us of these search that her husband has been on for a church that is true to doctrine of the Bible. When we met him we had an awesome conversation about the restoration. There are so many good people we are excited for, I'm kind of sad I can't stay in Cookeville longer. Or least my gut tells me that I will be transferred...... buuuuut we will find out Saturday. Love y'all and hope you have a great week! 
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