September 10, 2018


CookeVille Tennessee


Elder Adamson

Hitting high gear

Dang. I just read about me in my  journal back in the MTC and it was a trip haha. But man has the journey been awesome so far. The Mission has had so much gradual growth that I feel like it hasnt been all that big of a change. But man I love how much more the gospel means to me now. Being a missionary is awesome.Simply testifing of Christ is so exhilirating. I think of just yesterday talking with Dale out on his porch in the pouring rain, hardly able to hear over the rain hitting the porch roof, and seeing the sincerity in this man's eyes with his desire to change. What an amazing gift to have grown up with the very thing that could solve the entirety of the World's problems, and to be able to be one of the messenger's sharing that is enobling. Granted it often feels more enobling in concept then in practice, haha, Ive definitely seen my fair share of revilings. But its really struck me this last week just how important it is to stick it through with people and places. I think too often as a missionary I have thought that it just wasnt someone's time when they have been unresponsive or slow to act. Why not struggle long and hard to find some different way to approach them that may make things click? I suppose I am particularly grateful right now for those expereinces I have had recently where I have had to struggle. Some of those struggles still havent come to fruition. But that doesnt mean there hasnt been success. Reflecting on this I think of the devotional last night and the story of the saints finishing the temple in Kirtland with just enough time to use before evacuation. What a powerful testimony of sacrifice and perseverance in the face of opposition. That heritage becomes so much more real to me as I have felt that same zeal for covenants. I am so excited for the Housers and Jeanette who are makin steps towards bapisms, and also those others who are making those baby steps and commitments. The Spirit of God like a fire is burning. 


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