August 13, 2018


CookeVille Tennessee


Elder Hatch

A land of Promise

Ah what a crazy week! I cant believe the transfer is already ending and my time with Elder Hatch is already coming to an end. Its been awesome to see the amazing blessings happening here in Cookeville though. 
So as far as awesome experiences this week we had a few. One was our lesson with Josh and Kacie Houser, another was with Kathy Mott, another was teaching Jeanette, and another was finding and bringing to church Kevin Schwartz. The entire week the ward was super involved. I think we went on like 6 team ups.
So the lesson with the Housers went just about as perfect as it could get. We went with Sister Bryant, the primary president here in Cookville, who bonded super well with Kacie. On an even greater note her personal conversion story helped Kacie a lot, and then she pointed out the things in Kacie's life that point to the principles of faith and righteousness. The lesson did go a little long but I was not leaving without extending a baptismal invitation! And they accepted! We are working towards September 8th with them. 
Whats crazy is that we have more awesome people that we can talk about too! Cookeville is straight up the promised land! So we taught Jeanette and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ helping her understand baptism more. She loved all that we read out of the bible and the Book of Mormon. She does have some concerns she is working through (such as the violence in the BoM) but she also feels very guided to the church and we've been able to work through all her questions so far. She is looking at getting baptised the earliest though we may push it back to help her feel more prepared. We taught her the Dunn's (the relief socitey president and her spouse) Jeanette loves the ward.
On another awesome note we taught Kathy Mott again. We went with Brother Martin (who is part of the 11 brother clan so he is one of many martins). He is the embodiement of having Christlike love and compassion for all he meets, plus he gives awesome advice to like everyone. Having him there for our visit with Sister Mott just made things go so well. Way better than the last time that is. She has some deeply engrained beliefs (as many older people do around here) but if we can help bring her into the gospel, then her daughter may join as well. 
The last amazing thing that happened that Ill mention is what happened on Sunday with Kevin Schwartz. So Kevin Schwartz was a dot on the map that we had been talking about  getting to for some time but hadnt gotten the chance to meet yet for various reasons and things getting in the way. We met him mid week finally though and as it turns out, Elder Hatch had  helped find him originally when he had been in Cookeville for a powerup about a year before. We got him to agree to coming to church by sharing a message about being agents to act for ourselves. He came to church which was awesome!, opened up really well in class, and shared some deep feelings. We then remembered that there was a Self Reliance devotional that evening and so we got an invite to him from the bishopric. He said he wanted to go so we got him a ride and attended with him. The meeting was unexpectedly well attended (by my expectations that is) and many of the people were bishops and from the stake and what not. I was worried that it might be overwhelming but Kevin handled it well and even ended up signing up for the 12 week commitment to take the classes by the end! Talk about great people to have an investigator around! He'll be with our bishop every week!
So great things our happening. This ward is so full of amazing people. Oh also as far as transfer calls go Elder Hatch is obviously going home and I will be serving with Elder Adamson here in Cookeville. It will be Elder Adamson's last transfer so I get to kill (send home) another missionary. Yay. Haha. But we should get good work done. It seems like the area is just exploding with potential and great people. 
Love yall!
Here are some pictures! One is our power up last week when we went to buffalo wild wings and ate way too much and the other is a crazy awesome note that a potential investigator left us! Some people do keep track of appointments! 
Oh also I will upload some of the practice run throughs of Brightly Beams our father mercy that Elder Hatch and I sang to my drive  (can't give you the final thing cause it was in sacrament meeting)


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