May 14, 2018


Powell Valley Virginia


Elder Wilson

Fun stuff

Well it started off as a bit of a rocky week. But it is okay because the week ended off amazingly.

The rocky start was due to some dropped appointments and some hot days #getreadyforsummer

The end of the week was straight fire. So Friday we went up to Coeburn, a city which we cant always get to because of miles. We went hoping to get into contact with an investigator there who has visited with missionaries a lot but wasn't responding to phone calls, a referral, a less active household that had requested a visit the week before.
We finally met Greg, the investigator, whose name turned out to actually be Craig. He loves the BoM and we talked to him for about an hour about Christ. We also got the BOM and a bilbe to Judy who requested them and got a time set up to come back and meet with her and her son. After doing that we knocked out her aprtment complex hoping to keep the good vibes rolling. We found no success, but as we walked around some of the public square area just across the street we ran into James (litterally the only other guy there)  we talked for about an hour through a good half dozen rains i was sure a few of them were going to end our conversation but he kept on twlking to us, he wasnt looking for an excuse to get away :)  He is an awesome guy going through a humbling time. He lives out in the middle of nowhere (where no missionary would probably ever even see his door let alone knock it) so we were happy to have caught him. It is amazing how the lord places people in our paths.

We then got to go and visit the members we had scheduleed to meet. They were a family of 4. All of them are grown up and have their own home but they are all living together (why not live in one home at a time when you collectively own 4?). They each shared struggles they were going through and each asked for a blessing. We then helped them to dedicate their home as a place where the spirit could well. They then invited us to stay for dinner. As we waited for dinner to be prepared we got to share a mormon message called "Reclaimed" with the whole family. Afterwards Billy, the son of Brother and Sister Clark, talked a little more about the details of what he is oing thorugh and asked what the churches stance was on different denominations and asked if it really mattered what church he went to. We had an awesome expereince sharing the reestoration with him. Thespirit was especially powerful as we shared Helaman 5:12 with him and promised him stability and strength through chirst despite Satans shafts in the whilrwind as he built his foundation on Christ.

We also got back into contact with Scott and Leanne. After texting them twice and knocking once with no response we thought they had either ceased to exist or had decided they had reached their monthly dose of Mormon and didn't want to see us. Luckily it was neither of these and they have been reading and loving the BoM. We still havent shared the first vision with them, we planned to have done so on mothers day but it fell through. We'll get em this week. :) They love talking with us though about the BoM so that is awesome.

We also went by Brother and Sister Sturgills home. Sister Sturgill isn't actually a member but she is ready to be. She is just waiting on Bro Sturgill being able to baptise her. We talked about the temple sealing and after Bro Sturgill expressed that he just needed more time to decide how to get over his hold ups. After sharing a video on change and overcoming challenges we talked about how they could do small and simple things to strengthen their relationship with Christ and keep holding on the strengths they do have as they aim to come closer to Christ. It was a powerful visit. I'm excited to go back as I think they were catching the vision too.

We also met with the two Eric's.

Eric who we found tracting is loving the BoM! Also his dogs are awesome and make meeting with him fun (see picture below). He is really interested in the peace that comes from the BoM.

Eric Rumberger we simply swung by and gave him his jars back with the added present of the BoM. He told us it was going to collect dust and Sister Rumberger told us that Eric is a master arguer and very stubborn so there were no immediate indicators of success. But. Little do they know that an inspired missionary can be just as stubborn. Also Eric is super into gardening (he's actually rubbing off on us Elders a bit) so Alma 32 is a perfect analogy for him. We are going to share that with him this week and see what he wants to argue then.

At any rate it has been a great week! This gospel is so true! A relationship with the savior is more valuable than anything else. Never forget it :)

-Elder Harris 

Attached pictures

Some butterfies we found 

Shenanigans in downtown Coeburn (where we found james) (also preaching to an empty crowd)

Also one of Eric's dogs 


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