March 12, 2018


Blairsville, Georgia


Elder Haynes

Zone Conference

Some places we went tracting this week. Nothing too exciting I guess but I get very excited when I see open space or a view haha
On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 12:04 PM, Austin Lee Harris <> wrote:
You know those times that you are super humbled as you realize that you are falling short? Well that was zone conference this week but in the best way! I love how zone conference elevates your vision for yourself and for the work in your area. This particular zone conference we had an area 70 present. Elder Sitati. This man is a spiritual giant. Right along side President Pickett. The focus of zone conference was the need to administer to the individual. President Pickett shared an inspiring story from his youth of raising lambs that were orphaned at birth and needed to be hand fed. He shared how when he first started and focused purely on the group, and the associated task of taking care of them, many survived but many did not. His father pointed out to him how each lamb was unique and needed unique love and care. After changing the way he took care of each one he helped way more live. This was a huge wake up call for me because I realised that without intending to I had started looking at Blairsville in the manner of a group which needed to be taken care of, a task to accomplish. Elder Sitati addressed this as well among other things. The spirit was powerful. I realised I needed to magnify my calling and follow the Savior in his example of being the perfect shepherd who knows his sheep.
So we decided to try and focus on relating with people and testifying of the gospel as related things come up. This method is way higher pressure: one because Im not used to it, and two because it requires a lot more sensitivity to the spirit. For instance today we were talking with a part member family and I felt prompted to ask if they had talked at all about temple sealing in the middle of a conversation about rodeos, I said to myself: silly Spirit, one simply does not bring up random topics in the middle of a conversation. Because of not doing so however I missed the opportunity.
That being said it is really cool when it does work. We tried this tracting this week, which makes for some long conversations when people just want to go on talking, but it really makes me feel a whole lot better about the relationship that we are building a little bit more right off the bat. I say this thinking of Ashely. It was a cool answer to a prayer as that morning I prayed for opportunities to try and connect to our investigators and people in the area better and to find things to relate to them with. Well we tracted into Ashely and talked to her for an hour about firefighting (Shout out to Tanner), dogs, and her son moving off to college. She among others have some really good potential.
As far as updates on investigators we have been working with we saw this principle help out with them too. We called Minnie and asked if we could start contacting her more often at least over the phone and she excitedly agreed. She also told us of a friend from indiana she wants to introduce us to. Julie and Steve also made good progress this week. Its been a bit of a roller coaster with them but we texted Julie about meeting, she agreed, and it turned out Steve wanted to as well despite what we had previously been told. We met and we are now meeting weekly to discuss the BoM as they read through it to find a testimony of its truth. They are both being worked on by the Spirit.Dewayne and Sandy Carringer also met with us this week with Bro De Lori (who referred them to us). Dewayne told us of his great respect for Bro De Lori and how he can see the light about him. We taught the Plan of Salvation and they liked it. We still need to get them to church but things are going well. 
I love this work. For those who don't absolutely know that it is true I invite you to do as James 1:5 directs and ask of God. The knowledge is worth the effort!
-Elder Harris


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