March 5, 2018


Blairsville, Georgia


Elder Haynes

If I were to describe this week in one word it would be cheery.

If I were to describe this week in one word it would be cheery. Not to
imply we were having any celebrations or anything believe me we worked our
tails off this week. But, that being said, the spirit was very present in
our work. We were given two challenges this week one inspired an increase
in tracting and the other an increase in specific prayerful study and
working on Christlike attributes. The first came from President Pickett. He
promised that if we increased our tracting time we would see baptisms... We
haven't seen anyone get dunked yet but dang, some key things just worked
together miraculously. If any question remained in my mind (which it did
not) on whether President Pickett and Preach My Gospel was inspired or not,
it is now 1000% dispelled. I say this thinking of a the change of heart of
some of our investigators as well as something I studied across this week
(due to the other invitation we were given):

"Faith is a principle of power. God works by power, but His power is
usually exercised in response to faith."

Essentially we were invited or given a commitment to tract more. We tried
to respond in faith and God's power was consequently manifested in our
work. Commitments are so cool! (If I remember right the new curriculum for
Sunday school invites people to act at home more which is really just an
opportunity to exercise faith)
The other commitment of the week was from Elder Sitai of the Seventy who
will be touring the mission soon who invited us to read Alma 17-19 and work
on developing Christlike attributes. I have a long way to go with those,
but I believe we were blessed for the effort we tried to put in this week.

So what are the blessings we saw you ask? Well the biggest would probably
be how things worked out with the Hoods and the Williams. We drafted a few
messages to Julie trying to maneuver the situation and try to sit down with
her at some point but it never felt right, until it did that is. When we
did feel good about texting her she readily agreed to meet and told us
Steve wanted to as well! What?! Things were getting a little tricky with
Joe and Minnie as well, we weren't sure if Joe wanted to meet anymore. This
week we got to read 3 Nephi 11 with them and they were encouraging Amos
(their son) to look into it more. Amos is excited about the BoM from what
he has learned so far.
Our two other people on date (Dwayne and Sandy) are also doing good. We
meet with them Tuesday. We did pop by this week and Dwayne is enjoying it
and he says his wife has had things clarified which she has always had
questions about. Yea the Book of Mormon is pretty cool.

So it's been a really good week. It might just compete for one of the best
feeling weeks so far. It's amazing how feeling the spirit can make things
enjoyable, even considering the crazy lady who pointed a gun at us.

Oh so another funny story from tracting this week that Elder Haynes enjoyed
this week happened up in Hiawassee. We walk up and knock on this door. A
kid answers the door and says oh just a sec let me grab my mom. He walks
back into the other room and we hear him say "There's two guys in white
shirts outside. One of them is holding a bible... which one of you needs an
exorcism?!" 😂

Well I love you guys


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