July 22, 2017




Elder Nay

2nd P-day

This week has been awesome, humbling, super spiritual, unending, and
trying. The Sunday and Tuesday devotionals we probably my favorite parts of
this week. Some classes this week were super awesome (like last Saturday
night) others were less then stellar but I've been learning a lot and
creating quite an extensive library of tagged verses that are super awesome
(also gospel library is super nice for teaching lessons). My companion and
I started TRC lessons this week, our investigators names are Robby and
Monsop, it's been a huge learning experience. Exercise time has been great
and a life saver.
For the Sunday devotional President and Sister Martino addressed us and
talked about the simple looking impact missionaries can have by telling
their life story. They talked about how they were both converts and how
that has had ripple affects. They also shared an amazing story of their son
who came back from his mission and had a super strong desire to find more
in their family history(the Martino aide had hit a dead end for years) long
story short they were able to be in the right spot at the right time and
got a tip about their family coming from Italy (where president Martino
served his mission) they went to a church back in that country and came
back with around 1600 family names! The spirit was present however I felt
that that message was probably meant more for others as I felt I already
understood that concept. The spirit did hit me really hard during the song
afterward. We were singing Nearer My God To Thee (which was pretty awesome
with the devotional full of missionaries) but the thought came to my mind
of some past mistakes (not in a guilty or condemning way but simply a
memory) and I thought of how I really do need to stay closer to my savior.
The spirit then testified to me of the Saviors love for me, the power of
the atonement, and how serving a mission is exactly where I should be right
now in my efforts to stay closer to him. This hit me so powerfully that I
couldn't speak, or sing for that matter. After the song had ended the
thought came to me that the spirit wanted me to have that time that I sat
silently to listen to it. It was awesome.
Anyway the rest of the week was also pretty cool the tuesday night
devotional was cool a member of the 70 spoke on missionary work and gave
some cool promises. The classes with Monsop and Robby were really cool and
we were able to extend the commitment to baptism to both of them (Monsop
said yes and Robby said maybe haha). The Daily classes in T4 (the new
building) get a little long sometimes but I have also had some really cool
scripture study experiences in there and we have really cool gospel
discussions with sister May. Last saturday we really dove into the doctrine
of Christ which was awesome. We went through the scriptures and found how
the savior lived the same principles it was amazing to me to see how I had
missed how Christ should be so integrated into every action we make in
faith. It's something I had heard before but the way Brother Ales taught it
just clicked.
We've also got a super legit branch president his name is president
Samuelian. He is quite bold and very in tune with the spirit. In his first
day interview with me, after I asked a question, he told me he promised God
that he would serve him all his life if sister Samuelian survived a
critical life endangering condition following the birth of their first two
twins. Sister Samuelian is still here and super awesome and so is the
president likely because of all his service. Anyway sorry for the late
letter I've been writing it all day. Love ya guys


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