July 29, 2017




Elder Nay

MTC seasoned Missionary 3rd Saturday

I've got 2.5 days left in the MTC! Its been a long week and I'm trying to
remember everything I did. Some minor but interesting things I did were
hosting for new missionaries (and they just switched the process so that
now you drop off missionaries below the new T3 building which makes it much
faster). I also went to the temple today. Its amazing how much peace it
brings, I was marveling how doing pretty much the exact same amount of
sitting as class could end with such a different feeling from class
(feeling antsy). It was crazy busy and the session was completely full,
they had us sit in the endowment room for 10ish minutes before proceeding
because things were backed up, it was definitely cool to compare the
difference between that and the celestial room :).
Its also been cool to see how much of the week has emphasized goals,
planning, and progress. Both the Tuesday devotional and the In field
orientation this week were highly focused on those two things. The Sunday
devotional was also interesting but it wasn't my favorite cause the
speakers were super into music (they used it heavily in there mission in
Japan apparently with their family) so most of the devotional was them
singing which got kinda old. The Tuesday devotional was by Elder Clark, he
shared a few stories about missionary work, and goals, and planning. It was
a pretty good call to repentance and improvement as I have noticed myself
slacking a little. I especially liked his story of an investigator who got
a hold of a white bible and after being challenged to keep some commitment
she pulled it out and asked if the missionaries were living their rules...
it definitely made me reflect a bit. In field orientation was also good but
it was pretty much just a class focused on being the best missionary you
can be.
On a somewhat funny and sad note we worked on contacting a few times this
week during class. Since there were tours going on with people that are not
missionaries Brother Buenning had us go and talk to them and share a brief
gospel message to practice contacting... it was SUPER weird and
uncomfortable. It was hard approaching people on tour cause it felt
unnatural to walk up to them or to wait for them and then try and spark up
a conversation. That being said there were other people from our class who
conquered that awkwardness first and a random lady from the tour realized
what was going on and walked up to us and said "you guys look like you need
someone to talk to". I felt like a super awkward missionary already and Ive
only been in here a few weeks. Anyways the classes have been good as well,
there are times when we have super legit scripture reads or times when
everyone is participating a ton and I get a large amount of scriptures
marked and tagged to certain topics (bless gospel library) and there are
also unfortunately times when class is a struggle to even stay awake or pay
attention to. Part of that I think may be a reflection for my ability to
approve in my scripture and especially companionship study (which sometimes
doesnt really happen substantially), but some of those hard class periods
seem to also be my still adjusting to a different lifestyle.
TRC was also cool this week. We kept Monsop from last week and taught him
more lessons towards baptism its been great practice but we decided he is
definitely a member. We also started teaching a girl named Becca, the first
lesson was super awesome teaching her, the spirit was super strong and she
was super into the conversations, it was cool to see where the lessons
would go based off of her feedback. It was interesting however during the
first lesson how I was feeling the first discussion and working towards
that and then when I passed it off to Elder Ney he switched it to the plan
of salvation haha im not sure if I was supposed to learn patience or
flexibility from that one because I was thinking the conversation was going
straight for the restoration but apparently my companion felt differently.
Overall TRC has been a huge blessing for me in practicing to be in the
mission field (hello 3 day from now) it has also taught me how seeking to
have the spirit can help you have love for those you are teaching (even
fake investigators). Reflecting on my experiences with it, it is super
intimidating moving into the field since real investigators stand a chance
of getting really offended if Im not teaching with the spirit and ive found
it is very easier than expected to live so that the spirit is not directing
me in my lessons as a missionary, I can see it will take some constant work
and exhaustion to do this right.
I also realized I dont believe Ive told you guys when Im leaving. I leave
Tuesday morning at 3:50 A.M. Im super excited to be back in the real world
with more freedom to move about and plan. I'll also miss my district
however as they have been super fun to talk to and play volleyball and
basketball with. But I know there will only be more awesome people on the
other side of this plane ride.
Thanks everyone for the packages! Im definitely feeling the love... also
ive gained a few pounds while at the MTC haha.


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