September 28, 2020


Oxnard, California


Elder Aguero

More miracles

Hey everybody! What a week! I can't believe everything that has happened! So to start off the week we had a lesson with a man named Manuel and he was pretty cool and had met with missionaries before so we shared a video with him and it was pretty cool! Then we were meeting up with Alfredo and Gloria and a SUPER MIRACLE happened so Alfredo proposed to Gloria!!! We are so excited! Then day 2 we were talking to a member and she was like hey I know a family that just moved here you should come over today at 7 and we already had a lesson but we made it work and we taught them! They are really interested and want to keep hearing from us! We teach them English clases 1 time a week and then a gospel message 2 times a week! Super exciting! Then later we gave Alfredo and Gloria a baptismal date and they were down for that! We prayed about what day we should invite them to be baptized and we got the confirmation of October 18! When we showed up we still didnt know when they were going to get married but then we invited them and they told us they are going to get married on the 17 of October! God is so good! And now if you thought that was all... nope think again! We had goal setting and it was INSANE! We are going to work so hard this month! And to put a cherry on top Elder Olsen lives in the same apartment complex as me! And Elder Bloomer is here in camarillo... My 3rd companion;) Haha Emery County represent!
Love you all and I'll talk to you next week!


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