September 14, 2020


Oxnard, California


Elder Aguero

Another good week

Hey everybody this week was a good week we've done a lot of the same things but to start off the week we had he visit with Rosa and we went and did a church tour with her and it turned out really good we toured all the rooms and the baptismal font and she thought that was a really big font and that she would drown if we filled that all the way up but we told her that we didn't do that! and then after we finished the tour we went and stopped in the chapel and we asked her about baptism and she said she hadn't prayed about it but we knelt down at their and we said a prayer with her about baptism for the 27th of September and she started praying and it was a really good prayer and we all felt the spirit! Then halfway through her prayer she just started crying and we know that was her getting an answer from from the holy ghost! so we asked if she would be baptized on the 27th and she said she was going keep praying about it but the essentially yes, so we are still looking for the the 100% confirmation but then through out week we've been able to meet with Alfredo and Gloria as well and they're getting pretty excited as well they're both looking for answers to their prayers about marriage and baptism! we're really excited for them we feel that they're gonna get their answers we also met another guy just yesterday from Peru Lima and we had and visit with him, he is really nice and is down for us to come by and drop off a book of mormon the next time we meet with them we're gonna meet his wife and his son as well so we're pretty excited and we've been seeing a lot of success this week so just hope all of you have been able to see the success and and see the blessings of the Lord in your lives! Love you all talk yo you next week!
Elder Albrecht


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