September 7, 2020


Oxnard, California


Elder Aguero

Labor Day

Hey everyone, how is it going? Well over here in Cali it has been a party! This week we have been all over the place (not in actual places because we have to stay in our area 😂) but we have been talking to a lot of people from a lot of places which include Texas, California, and India! Crazy but we have been working with Alfredo and Gloria who both are doing really well and both are feeling like baptism is the right choice, we just need to help them get married! Then we are go in ng to be meeting with Rosa today to have a lesson, we hope to give her a baptismal date and all today! We have been struggling to stay in contact with her but we got back I the groove so we are excited! Other than that nothing too exotic has happened... well we did have a possum that was running around our house but it's fine, a cool part of nature 😂 well this week I have also been feeling Gods help in that I had been praying for guidance and it took all week but then I realized that I had been getting it all week! It was a lot of good things that I needed to hear and see.
Well, I love you all and can't wait to hear from you all
Elder Albrecht


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