June 15, 2020


Camarillo, California


Elder Arturo Robles

A walk in the park

Hey everybody, so this week has been a really cool one! So this week we were walking around in a dog park and nobody was talking to us so we decided to go sit down. Only 2 minutes later a man named Keith walks up to us and recognizes us as the latter day saints and came over to talk and told us that he is the most interested nonmember that there is. He was right, he told us he worked for a newspaper and one day was reading old archives and found one from a mob member who was 18 who attacked Joseph Smith and he felt bad watching him fight off 6 men until they let the bystanders woman and child go, then Joseph relaxed and was burned by hot embers and tarred and feathered. Keith got goosebumps and was trying not to cry telling us this. He said he came to church for 1 year consistently but felt like a fraud and couldn't have enough faith to get baptized. But he definitely knows the church is true! So since then we have met with him 1 time and he promised to pray with his wife and that if he felt the spirit in our next lesson like he felt in a sacrament meeting once that he would have much more faith. We are excited to see how that turns out! So I guess moral of the story is to talk to everybody, they all have something to share. This week we have been doing g pretty good, we have had a few service projects and those are always fun! Our lessons are always interesting and help me learn! So I encourage all of you to keep studying and praying so that you can feel the amazing feelings that reading the scriptures brings us.


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