May 26, 2020


Thousand Oaks, California


Elder Ben Langford

Back out again

Hey everybody! What a week and to sum it all up is going to be hard but here I go.
So we have had quite a few member lessons with the English members which is kind of weird, i need to study the English side of the gospel a little bit more. We were out one day coloring the sidewalks near some apartment buildings and all 4 of us missionaries split up but next to each other so we could each write our own thing on the sidewalk. As I was writing a couple of the residents came out and I started a conversation with them about their dog and we talked about where we are from and how I know Spanish and eventually it got really hard to keep the conversation going and we stopped talking and I hadn't said anything about the church to them other than I was a missionary. We are supposed to have really natural conversations right now. Then they asked what I was writing on the sidewalk and that was my ticket in because I had written "Por que Dios nos da las dificultades?" Which is why dos god give us difficulties. And we leave our number so they will call and ask and we can share messages. Well I told them that I was writing about God and they were really interested so I got their number and during this following week we will be calling them! That was a cool experience and such a simple thing! Well thank you all for everything you do out there! Hasta la próxima! Les amo :)
Elder Albrecht


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