March 23, 2020


Tumbes Buenos Aires


Elder Bejarano

Coming home—phone call

We talked to Austin this afternoon. He is in good spirits for the situation. He is always one to go with the flow and be happy. I love that about him. He didn’t complain but said a few things that made me think he is a little sad and effected by the changes. He said he got the news and didn’t sleep til 2 am with thoughts. He is sad that the 4 baptisms in his district that were set aren’t happening for a while. He is sad he won’t be able to bring any fun Peru souvenirs home. He is sad to leave the people he has grown to love. But he is really excited to have his favorite tomato juice and noodles with cheese, aebleskivers, French toast and pork products. In conversation he realized that he would also get a hot shower and got really excited about that. He is hoping he can be here to watch general conference with us in English because the Spanish is translators and it isn’t the same in someone else’s voice. He is excited to see if his brothers have grown. We are uncertain what the next few weeks have in store and when we will see him but now that we have accepted this fact that he is coming and going to a new mission we are excited to see where his next assignment will be. What an experience he will be able to tell his kids and grandkids. I told him to make sure he is journaling his thoughts and feelings. He wasn’t sure when he would be coming but was thinking after the quarantine is over. Pray that the government works with the church to help get them out sooner. Thanks everyone for the prayers for all the missionaries.


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