March 3, 2020




Elder Jackson Loveland

Do you even speak Spanish?

"I feel like January went by really fast this year!" -Companion "Elder, its March"
Haha isn't that something to think about? Well that is exactly what i'm thinking! So i feel like yesterday i was chilling out in my first area right around christmas time and now here I am in my second area just about to have transfers again. And the crazy part is that that really did just happen. But it March already!!! So a look back into the past 7 days..
Tuesday we started off on an interchange of companions. So i was with Elder Young who I met in the USA just before I left! So he is 1 transfer behind me. Super cool experiences that day, we had not ever taught together so usually there is some weirdness while teaching, but our teaching methods went together really well and we taught some hyped lessons! Wednesday we met a family and started teaching them and found out they are related to some of our investigators so now in that family we have 4 people listening to lessons!
Friday we did what is called DEATH DAY because we just contacted all day which is just knocking doors and talking to people outside! That was pretty fun, i went with Elder Young that day too! We had an investigador that was set to get baptised on the 7th of march but he still doesn't feel ready so we are going to move his day back!
Then Sundays are always full of drunks, fights, loud music and a lot of walking! It has been a blast seeing some of the weird things that happen here! Then walking home from church us 4 elders were almost home and then 1 girl like 15 was like hey, can we take a picture with you, (Because we are white and tall) So we agreed and took a picture, then one of them was like oh yeah by the way... Do you even speak spanish? we all kind of laughed because we had been communicating with them so we thought that was kind of funny!
So Yeah this week has been pretty funny and strange but at the same time almost the same! Have a great time You all!
Elder Albrecht
p.s. I heard the whole broom thing was kind of going around, probably a long time ago but we tried it out here in peru and well we figured out that our mops do it too!


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