February 24, 2020




Elder Jackson Loveland

February 24 2020

Hey everybody! Wow this week has literally flown past! Its actually kind of funny to me because out here on the mission, i feel like i'm in my own time bubble because i know absolutely nothing about what happens back home. So as far as I know school hasn't started for you yet. I know it did and its probably close to over but it is going so fast. Well for a few of the highlights of this week...

1. We have had some good visits with our progressing persons but recently some of them have found problems so we sadly went from 10 people with baptismal date to 6. This mostly comes about from people not coming to church.

2. We had a multizone with the zones Sullana and Algarrobos. That was fun. We learned a lot about what we can do as elders to help people be better. Then i had my interviews with the Mission President. Kind of intimidating but I got through it and it was pretty good. Lots of stuff i can do to help the people be better and to help me be more successful too.

3. We had a few people that were going to get baptised this week but because of not coming to church they could not get baptised. So we are working really hard with that.

4. My companion hit 6 months on the mission which was a fun day!

So as you can see, I am having a good time out here helping the people out. We still have 2 weeks left until transfers so im going to live them up! Keep chillin and helping in the work!
Elder Albrecht


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