February 17, 2020




Elder Jackson Loveland

Look the Mormons!

Hey everybody, well this week has been one for the books! It has had its ups and downs and everything in between. Well to start off the week we went to a polleria which is basicly a store that sells chicken. Pretty good! then we had all of our weekly meetings like district council and correlation and meetings like that. Well on wednesday we had a lot of visits in Los olivos which is basically the sketchiest part of our area. It is about 3 miles from our house and so its out in the corner of our area. Well we had some visits there and we finished up at about 7 and we were about to leave because every missionary in the area knows that nothing good happens in los olivos after 6 (Robbing, shooting, killing , kidnapping etc) so we were on our way out and an investigator we have wanted to talk so we taught him and everything so that put us at about 8 at night, no street lights and in the middle of the scariest part of our area. As we were leaving we saw some guy in the distance who was crouched down in the shadows and my comp looked at me and said ABSOLUTELY NOT so we turned and walked like an extra mile to get around him. When we finally got out we had to take a MOTO to get back to our main city and my compañion said I WILL PAY ANY PRICE TO GET ME OUT OF HERE! it was kind of funny but at the same time serious. so we avoid that as much as possible.
One day walking back from our lunch we walked past a house and some lady inside said look, they are mormons! and almost immediately a herd of girls came out and saw we were white and started whistling and calling etc to get our attention. We actually avoided them because we were told to do so as a mission rule but it was still really fun!
Well i hope your week has gone as good as mine and i cant wait to hear from you all! Love you guys,
Elder Albrecht


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