January 13, 2020




Elder Jaydon Ruchti


Hey everybody! What a week of miracles that just passed! Honestly weeks like that one come and go by so fast! Well cool story about this week, one day we were out proselytizing and it was really really hot, and we had planned a lesson and when we got there they gladly let us in to share. We had a good lesson and we actually set a baptismal date which was really good! Up to this point in the week, we hadn't had any success with anybody so it was a really long week. Note that this was a saturday. After we set this baptismal date we went back to work but literally every lesson that we had planned didn't work out so we did contacting all day which consists of a lot of walking, knocking doors, talking to people in the streets and a long day. Well as a mission we have a goal of 7 news a week and up to that day we had none and Sunday is the end of the week. So we were a little down on spirit thinking that the other missionaries would look down on us. But we worked hard all day. We found a family that let us in and we got 3 news from them on top of our new from that morning. Then we felt pretty hyped about the day! 3 in one day is really good here. So by then it was 3 pm and we still had all day to go so we kept contacting and while we were walking to a lesson we had planned i heard somebody say in a quiet voice, (Mira son los elderes) Which is look its the elders. So naturally that is a gateway into somebodys house so we stopped and talked and they were 3 more news because they wanted to hear a lesson so at that point we had 7 news in 1 day! That was so crazy but it still was only 5 at that time. So we kept going and actually ended up finding 2 more news to end the day with 9 which is insane! Well we also have a goal of 5 contacts in 1 day. A contact is a person we havent talked to and accepts a lesson with us on another day. So in 1 week we should have 35 contacts. Reminder that my companion and i had 3 contacts and there was only 1 day left in the week! Well that day we found 21 of them! So we ended the week with a total of 24 contacts! It probably sounds like im bragging or maybe it sounds like we were just lazy missionares all week long. That is not the case. We worked so hard all week and nothing came of it, but we trusted in the lord and in his plan. In the end he came through like he always has and always will! I invite all of you to look at that area of your life where you are lacking a little bit of faith and then fix the problem. God has all the power to do all things. You are the only person that can exercise enough faith to be able to see the blessings. I hope you all were able to learn something from this experiance. Love you all.
Elder Albrecht


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