January 6, 2020




Elder Jaydon Ruchti

Happy New Years

Hey everybody, wow here is a crazy thought, its 2020!!! Soo crazy. Well here is how the whole thing went down for us. On new years eve, all of the people are either working really late, like store workers and businesses, or they are so drunk that they cant walk, like the people buying beer from the businesses owners. So we didn't really have all that productive of a time that day with the people. But it was still a really fun day! Then New years day, it was basically the same thing but instead of the majority of the people drinking, they were all hung over and laying on the sidewalks and in the streets. Well that kind of makes the celebration sound pity so something really cool that they do is at midnight, all the people have a dummy or a manikin that is life size and looks exactly like them. Every single person has their own manekin. Then they all fill them full of dynamite and blow them up at midnight so yeah that's pretty fun! I actually saw 1 family that made a huge one and i'm pretty sure it left a hole in the street! But definitely something to remember! So on the more spiritual side, This week I have seen so many blessings and they are such cool experiences! Our area kind of went through a rough patch so I fasted and asked God for help and guidance. During the following 24 hours i probably have never felt so tempted to eat and take a drink! That Sunday morning, my town hit literally one of the hottest temperatures that I have ever felt in my life. On top of that, I was in a suit and the work AIR CONDITIONER does not exist! We had been running around trying to get investigadors to church so yeah it got pretty hot. When we got to church, Literally everybody watched my compañion and I walk in the gates and they all just started talking to each other in a gossipy voice and then they all told us 1 by 1 that we were sweating a little bit. Then after sacrament meeting started, I sweat really bad through my suit so they all laughed when I stood up and was walking around. But that's ok, it was a fun time. Honestly i really wanted to quit fasting because of the heat and stomach pain. But during this really hot time during fasting, we went out to visit some families with low expectations of finding people because sunday means drunk people. But God works in mysterious ways and he answered my prayer exactly! We set 2 baptismal dates that day and we found so many people to teach. On top of all that, we have a baptism coming up this week that is kind of a miracle! So my testimony to all of you is that you will kneel down during your free time, and then talk to God. That does not mean give a prayer to him, that means speak with him. He answers, but you may not be listening. I invite you to take a couple extra moments to hear what he has to say. This is my testimony that God lives, loves, and he speaks to us. I hope you will all ponder my invitation. Love you all. Elder Albrecht


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