December 30, 2019




Elder Jaydon Ruchti

A miracle in the olive trees

Que tal? Como han estado? Well i just can't believe that another week has gone by! It seems like the days last forever but the weeks go by so fast that if you blink you will miss it. Well i have learned so many things this week and one of the things that I want to share is that here as missionaries our purpose is to invite people to come unto Christ. As I was working during the week I was thinking of all the things that I do during the day. Contact people, teach about Jesus Christ, help other people that want to keep learning about Jesus Christ. Well when we contact people here we have to be pretty firm about what we say, if we are more or less about our message they don't want to hear it, also when we don't stop to talk to somebody, we are denying them the chance to hear about the plan of God. We are literally letting Satan influence us because god would never tell us not to talk to somebody. After I heard about that, I was a lot more excited to contact people and to talk to everybody. So early this week we were out contacting and we were both so tired because right about 1230 it is really hot here and the people are all cooking lunch and literally wont listen to you. So as we were walking my comp said where do you want to go and we were like 1 block away from a park so we went there and met a couple people. One guy in particular was excited to see us and we talked for a while and he said hey you all should come out to my house in Los Olivos which is the olive trees i guess. So we went out there without a perfect direction of his house but we left with faith. We never actually found his house but while we were there somebody saw us and recognized who we were. So a couple days later we got a phone call from other elders who told us that there was somebody that had been attending their ward for a long time and actually lived in our area. You wont believe it, she was the person who saw us that day and she found other elders and sent us to her house. She actually is a member already but we taught preach my gospel lesson with her and she said she loved the message. On top of all of that, she lives with a ton of her family who are not members. Something good will come of that! I know because we just took a little time to contact this one guy in a park because of a small spiritual prompting, that we came to find a big family of people. My invitation to all of you is that you can look for these small promptings and follow them so that you can help in this the lord's work. I hope you all get the chance to talk to somebody this week and I hope that you will try to help them be better! I promise that you will feel God's love as you give it to others! Thank you all for what you do! Love you all. Elder Albrecht


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