October 22, 2019


Piura Central Tacala Peru


Elder Gavin Henrie

October 21, 2019

Hey everybody! Wow, time flies here on the mission! It kind of feels like I didnt leave all that long ago, but at the same time i have already been on the mission for 3 months! Pretty crazy. This week i have seen a lot of cool things, here is one i want to share

We recently met a girl whose name is Cynthia. She is 17 and is a member of a different church. There are 3 people in her family and they all attend a different religion. Cynthia has been listening to our lessons and is super excited about what we are teaching. Recently we taught about Joseph Smith and asked her to pray about it to know if what we were saying was true and if he was a prophet. She promised she would. On our next lesson, we taught the doctrine of Christ. Somehow Joseph Smith came up and she told us her story! She said she had been talking with one of her unreligious friends but they started to pray together and during the prayer she saw a light in her room. She said it couldn't have been anything from her house or her phone or anything! (This all happened during the night) So now she knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that what we are teaching is true! She has accepted a baptismal date and is super excited to get baptised!
I know that this is all because she prayed! The power of prayer is unbelievable but it helps us to believe! I would like to invite all of you to pray about any difficulty that you are having because our savior wants to help you but he won't until you ask. Have a great week everybody!
Elder Albrecht


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