October 14, 2019


Piura Central Tacala Peru


Elder Gavin Henrie

October 14, 2019

Bueno! This past week has been amazing! I have had a blast and also learned so many things that i never thought i would learn about! Here is a quick summary of the week, because i know you dont actually want to read this if you are under the age of 25.
First we have found quite a few new investigators this week, so that is always good!
Second, this time of year is kind of cool to learn about because the catholic church does a lot of parades here so its kind of strange but something to see. Third, my companion and I ate at a members house after church about a week ago and the food was super good and the lady was super nice, but after we finished eating my companion (Elder Henrie) looked at me and said...I feel light headed. So we skipped the preach my gospel lesson and headed back to our room. On the way to our room i started to feel light headed too. Funny thing, we found out later that the member had cooked the rice and chicken in black beer. Usually the alchahol cooks out but not this time so we were slightly drowsy that day! Dont worry we repented:) but mostly i just want all of you to know how much our savior loves each and every one of you and that there is nothing that he wouldnt do to get you back! I hope that all of you will continue to read your scriptures with real intent and pray with real intent! If you arent doing these 2 things already, I urge you to start! You are all amazing! Talk to you all next week! Elder Albrecht


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