September 2, 2019


Piura Central Tacala Peru


Elder Gavin Henrie

September 2, 2019

Hey everybody! Life here in the mission is amazing! The culture is super crazy and the people talk pretty fast! I can understand most people here so thats good! So some food that i have had that are super wierd include Acietuna which is a crazy bitter olive that is nearly impossible to eat and it is nicknamed Mategringo or white man killer! It lives up to its name! I found a chicken foot in my soup the other day and that was strange! So one of the miracles i have seen so far in the mission was when i was walking to a members house for a visit. A kid named cesar stoppped us on the street and was basically bible bashing but wanted us to come to his house so we planned a visit. When we were looking for his house later that week we couldnt find it so we knocked on a door to ask if they knew. Marlene anwsered the door and didnt know cesar but wanted to tell us something! So we sat down and she told us that her youngest kid was super sick once and about to die. So she prayed and promised god that if he would heal her kid that she would get married and go to church. Well god did just that and so when we stopped by she told us that she wants to get married and that she is looking foreward to getting baptised. We only talked to her for 1 hour but we set a baptismal date for the 5th of october and she accepted it. I know that god prepared her long before my companion and i met her. I know that god has a plan for each of you and for me and for everybody else. Keep your faith and remember that you are the examples of the believers, so make sure you look like it!
Stay cool everybody!
Elder Albrecht


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