August 26, 2019


Piura Central Tacala Peru


Elder Gavin Henrie

First week in first area 8/26/19

Hi everyone.

I made it to my first area. I am serving in Piura Central Tacala 3. My trainer is Elder Henrie from Logandale Nevada. Turns out his mom was from Aurora and knows some of my dad's family. He's a cool guy.

There are dogs everywhere in Peru. Ugly dogs. There are a lot of people in Piura, but not as many as Lima. Everyone will listen to us.

We have breakfast on our own in our apartment and have a pensionista who cooks our lunch for us. At dinner we are on our own or eat with the members. Our apartment is fairly nice. We have plumbing but the shower is cold, so I have record breaking quick showers.

One cool experience we had this week. We were out by familia Turrico and they are a new member family. As we were walking there, there was a kid, Cesar, who wanted to know more about us but was kind of bible bashing. After we left him we went home and 3 days later we were going to go find him to teach him, but we were trying to find his house and couldn't find it, so we were knocking doors to find anyone who knew where he lived. We knocked on one door and this lady invited us to sit down. She had prayed to have her son healed and promised that she would go to church. So we now have a return appointment with her and have a baptismal date set for her October 5. Her name is Marlene.

Have a great week.
Elder Albrecht


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