August 13, 2019


Lima CCM


Elder James Bartling

One week left in CCM 8/13/19

We went on splits with Elder Park and his companion in Lima on Saturday. Elder Park has only been out 10 days in the mission so he can’t do splits alone.
I thought Venezuelan Spanish was supposed to be harder than Peruvian but I understand it better. There was a family that we went to and the story is that when the missionaries were out tracting, this family came out and saw that they were missionaries and said that they needed to hear the gospel. So they have a baptismal date at the end of this month. We were teaching them the Word of Wisdom while we were there. They are a family of 3 daughters, a son, and parents, all living in a small room the size of Stetson’s room. There were two beds in there and a camp chef like we cook on at elk camp, but smaller and that’s what they cook on. Then they have a little TV and DVD player in there. They also live on the roof too so they have chickens and goats living in their apartment. Everyone has chickens! They look like a half turkey half chicken. Venezuelans are very poor. The youngest was a little boy who was really funny. He was running around in his underwear. He spoke pretty good Spanish though.
When I walked in the little girl was hesitant because she hadn’t met me and Elder Bartling yet. She was giving high fives to the other missionaries because she knew them. I thought I would do the same thing and give her a high five and she saw me and folded her arms and backed up. Then she warmed up and shaked my hand and Elder Bartlings. We went into the house and she pointed at my face and looked at her mom. Her mom shook her head no like don’t say anything and then she looked at me and said “why is your face is so red?” I told her I was born like that.
They have a big loaf of bread here that you can buy for 7 soles. It’s the biggest loaf of bread I have ever seen. It is a sweet muffin type bread and it is really good. If they have bread I’ll be alright.
There are dogs everywhere. Its kind of how Ferron has lots of stray cats, they have dogs, but way more than we have of the cats.
I have to go to the dentist this Thursday because when I was flossing one of my fillings fell out. The dentist is in Lima. I’m a little nervous, but it will be better here than in Piura.
This week, I had a very spiritual experience as I had been reading the Book of Mormon with a question in mind and I had prayed about it and then I found it in the scriptures and that was a very good experience for me.
I need to go. I leave the CCM next week. I am not sure if we fly out Tuesday or Wednesday but I think it is early. Love you.
Talk to you later,
Elder Albrecht


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