August 6, 2019


Lima CCM


Elder James Bartling

8/6/19 to mom

Well first week as district leader wasnt too bad but there are a lot of new responsibilities and thery are all taking more time than before. But being the district leader is a good way to make my companion a little more open to being early. Bryce canon looks pretty fun, it is way different than here. And a lot cleaner! People here kind of just throw their trash to the garbage can but not really in the garbage can so it is just all over the road and sidewalks but im hoping it isnt quite that bad in Piura. This saturday we will be going out on to the streets again to proselyte with the other missionaries. Our pday is still going to be on Tuesday i found out but it is in the morning today so i probably wont be able to call you. I saw that dad sent the email to everybody! Good thing it wasnt too personal. The future and past tenses in spanish are starting to make more sense and talking to the latinos isnt quite as hard. It is still just a matter of hearing them because they talk so quiet. I dont go to the temple until 2 this afternoon so i am just cleaning and doing phyiscal activity until then. I think i will do the group email once i am in the field. We get 1 hr in the CCM but in the field we get the whole day so it will be a lot easier then. Good to hear from you!
Love Elder Albrecht


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