July 30, 2019


Lima CCM



The past 3 weeks at the CCM have been Amazing! So many things are going on and i have made so many changes! Each week the pricipios or NEW KIDS go to the temple on tuesday and the temple is different, but the message i get is the exact same! God loves all of his children so he made a plan for us to live with him again! Somehting i notice about a few missionaries here is that they choose to disobey rules and not feel the spirit! They certanly arent going to be feeling what the rest of the missionaries feel. They also distract others from feeling the sprit and so i have learned that i need to always be reverent in order to keep the spirit! Last week we went contacting with the missionaries in the chicalyo town and it ws scary to see all the new people and the culture, but the people are all so willing to hear what we have to say! Time flies here at the CCM! 3 weeks has never been so fast! The language is super easy now and i never expected that but it is the gift of tonges! My advice to all who are in preperation for a mission is study hard now and what you dont know yet will come! The lord knows our feelings, worries and works! He will prepare a way for us to accomplish the things that need to be accomplished! Good luck everybody! Talk to you next week!

Elder Albrecht


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